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GCS has a long history in the Beverage market. More than 30 years ago, GCS brand Obrist introduced the first plastic beverage closure for the mineral water market. Today, GCS is leading supplier of screw-on, tamper-evident plastic closures for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to both global and local brands.

All GCS divisions serve the beverage industry in one way or another. Whilst Obrist and Bender brands hold a strong position in the delivery of screw closures for carbonated soft drinks, the UCP, Massmould, Astra Plastique and Zeller Plastik brands supply major brand owners with screw closures and novel sports closures (with and without valves) for non-carbonated applications.

GCS brands offer a wide range of both custom and 'off-the-shelf' flip-top, screw and push-pull sports closures to satisfy the ever demanding 'on-the-go' lifestyle of drinks consumers worldwide. GCS constantly develops innovative sport closures solutions for various Beverage applications, such as juices, mineral waters, sport drinks, etc.


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