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Description is a division of Zero Infinity LLC. Urban Lifeforce is a Premium on-line Energy Beverage Vendor. We curently vend and distribute our products both on-line and in DC, VA and MD.

Zero Infinity LLC. is the parent company of and a custom apparel and design company that was conceived in 2001, with the intent to change the face of the urban fashion market.

In 2005 our vision formed into a limited liability corporation, in the state of MD. ZIWARE ( is a custom clothing line that represents the philosophy of life and art, displayed through an apparel medium. Zi is a metaphor for that which is indestructible, incomprehensible and all encompassing. It is the positive quality that resides with-in all that is. It is the life force.

Zero Infinity LLC was created by St Louis born, Owner and Designer J. Conrad Grant. Our ZIWARE TM. Clothing line was filed for protection under U.S. Trademark and copy write laws in 2005. In June of 2007 we became a fully U.S. registered and licensed Trademark.

Mission Statement

Zero Infinity's mission is to secure our corporate identity throughout the world by creating unique, custom designed, clothing for the masses. To achieve this goal we plan to advertise our products and philosophy by using both traditional and unconventional means.

As our society becomes more reliant on emerging technologies, we will lead the way in merging science, technology and digital communications into clothing & other products that will enhance and possibly improve your lifestyle.


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