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Distributors: Importers, Exporters , Suppliers: Equipment, Lab, Machinery , Services: High Pressure Processing (HPP)


Our products are the food retort sterilization equipment. This kind of machine is aimed at extending the shelf life of foods so that they are available whenever and wherever they are needed. It also helps in preventing the wastage and extending the food supplies so as to meet the ever increasing needs of the increasing population.
Sterilization is heating food products at relatively higher temperatures usually from 105oC to 125oC to free the food from spoilage and injurious microorganism and their spores. Temperatures slightly above the maximum for bacterial growth result in death of vegetative bacterial cells, whereas bacterial spores can survive much higher temperatures. Hence spoilage and hazardous bacterial spores are of primary concern.
Our retort category is hot water immersion retort, water spray retort, rotary retort and so forth. All these machines will be customized according to the customers requirement.
Other than the retort, the jacketed kettle are also our specialty. The types are: Steam/Electric/Gas heating cooking pot, Vertical/Tilting pot,
capacity differ from 50 Liter - 1000 Liter.


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