ZizZazZ is a leader in the vitamin and energy sectors of the global stick pack industry.

ZizZazZ has three new and unique products. All ZizZazZ products come in convenient stick packs.

The first product is ZizZazZ Explosive Energy Mix. This product is a convenient energy powder which is fortified with essential A, B, C, D and E vitamins, green tea, rhodiola rosea and ginseng, comes in four flavors and easily dissolves in water to make a refreshing, fast acting, long lasting and, best of all, great tasting energy drink. ZizZazZ Explosive Energy Mix tastes so great, consumers eat ZizZazZ straight from the stick like candy.

The next product is ZizZazZ Explosive Workout Mix. This product includes arginine, creatine and glutamine as ingredients in addition to the premium ingredients found in ZizZazZ Explosive Energy Mix. This product is in high demand by fitness conscious customers.

The last product is Kidz ZazZ, a children’s vitamin mix. This product contains the daily requirement of vitamins for youngsters, has no sugar and comes in four flavors children love.

ZizZazZ has entered into partnerships with celebrities including renowned recording artists Nelly and Jesse McCartney and professional sports figures Frank Thomas, Reed Johnson, Josh Towers, Aaron Rowland, Tye Fields and Josh Mohr to sponsor ZizZazZ products.

ZizZazZ is distributed through the largest distributors in North America to over 80 convenience store chains, including 7-Eleven, Speedway SuperAmerica, Circle K, Chevron Texaco, Sunoco and Stripes. ZizZazZ is available through a number of national retailers, including General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Gold’s Gyms, National Discount Nutrition, Smoothie King, Vitamin Shoppe, and is distributed to three branches of the United States Armed Forces.


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