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Watt-Ahh’s New Diamond Energy Labels

SARASOTA, FL (October 5, 2017) — AquaNew, manufacturer of the Polarized Water, Watt-Ahh®, recently unveiled the new “Diamond Energy” label for its one-liter size bottle.

“The label design comes from a crystalline moment,” said AquaNew’s COO, Dana Gourley. “When Inventor Rob Gourley and others first described a tetrahedral structure of Polarized Water (co-covalent bonding of dual oxygen with four hydrogen), I envisioned beautiful diamonds cascading …

AquaNew Announces New Online Distributor for Watt-Ahh

AquaNew recently joined forces with businessman Greg Jordan to sell Watt-Ahh® (an ultra-pure, high-energy form of water) online at the Just Right Buys Webstore on

Watt-Ahh Looks at The State of Sarasota Green Innovation

Sarasota, FL – Five years ago on Saturday, Nov. 17, more than 17,000 people gathered to celebrate Efest Florida, held on the polo grounds of Lakewood Ranch. It became one of the largest green festivals

this region had seen. The purpose behind it and the festivals that would follow is to support good stewardship toward ourselves, our environment and our planet. Doing so affects the …

An Invitation to Be a Tribute in AquaNew’s THIRST GAMES

March  28, 2012 – When Suzanne Collins wrote her book The Hunger Games, her depiction of the future Panem – a world focused on self-preservation due to lack of food and clean drinking water – may not be as fictional as we’d like to believe. The New York Times Best-Selling novel is now quickly becoming one of the top-grossing movies this year. In it, …