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Caphin is a play on words because the filter used to make Vietnamese coffee is a Phin and of course our product contains caffeine. Our product line offers ground coffee single serve pour overs and kcups. Caphin Gourmet was founded in 2012 out of a passion for RTD, Vietnamese coffee. As part of this passion, we care deeply about quality, sustainability and authenticity which required us to adopt a “from farm to cup” business model. We have partnered with a local Vietnamese coffee producer that harvests out of a farm and coffee cooperative located in the Mai Son district of Son La province Vietnam.

This region where our green coffee beans are grown has the best quality Arabica coffee in Vietnam. Mai Son in Son La possesses the superior advantages of terrain and soil similar to the regions of Minas Gerais and São Paulo (Brazil).

The model "from farm to cup" is a vertical integration process starting from Arabica coffee cherries in Son La and Dien Bien. Coffee cherries are selected and harvested by hand, ensuring a high proportion of ripe cherries, which are then transported to the cooperative for processing on the same day. Processing includes removing leaves, twigs, coffee pulp, fermenting pulped coffee under the control of the technical team and drying to produce coffee parchment.

Then the coffee parchment is processed in their Hung Yen factory to green bean coffee, and roasted for Caphin's ready to use products. By working directly with our local producer, we are able to customize the roasting to match Caphin's intended product preparation and taste profile. This ensures consistency in quality and aroma.

Caphin Gourmet Coffee has an innovative combination of the Northwest’s Arabica coffee and Central Highlands’ Robusta, evoking the rustic and rich taste of Vietnamese coffee

Caphin Gourmet's new single serve pre-filled slow drip coffee filter offers a convenient consumer experience, lovers of traditional flavors with contemporary style and convenience.

We are committed to building a business for the benefit of a sustainable coffee community, making tangible practical contributions to social value. For example, our local Vietnamese partnerships and work with farming cooperatives have afforded them the opportunity to provide support to Healing Hearts Vietnam, a US non-profit organization, to diagnose and sponsor surgeries for Vietnamese children with congenital heart disease. Moreover, as a founding member of the Vietnam Women's Coffee Union (IWCA Vietnam), they contribute to improving the livelihoods of ethnic minorities in the coffee industry in Vietnam, especially women. IWCA Vietnam connects with tourism companies to create opportunities for women in the tourism industry. IWCA also introduces new coffee varieties to women owned farms, instructing them in planting and best cultivation practices to produce best quality and quantity of coffee output. IWCA Vietnam provides women coffee farmers with more opportunities and information to help them take charge of their lives and improve the representation of women in the coffee industry.

Caphin Gourmet Coffee can be found in Central Market all across Texas, Total Wine, Williams-Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, Walmart, Phoenicia, hotels, local restaurants, cafes, and donut shops. We are also at University of Houston and the prestigious Rice University,

Caphin Gourmet won 2nd place for Best Cup of Joe in the Houston Chronicle.

I did an interview with Houston Magazine, link below.

I also did demos on the show Houston Life and we won the taste test. the link is below.