Cure Beverages, LLC

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Cure Beverages, LLC is the maker behind Bala Enzyme. A husband-and-wife team of dental specialists based in Southern California are the dynamic founders of Bala. Throughout their 20 years in practice, they have observed firsthand the beneficial effects of a variety of modalities of treatment of inflammation on their patients.

In the beginning, the idea for this formulation was created based on the doctor’s two years of research on inflammation while at Boston University. Bala worked for several years to establish a strong proprietary powder blend using enzymes and amino acids without relying on artificial ingredients or sugar.

The Bala Founders are dedicated to giving people back their freedom by supporting hydration while quickly and effectively supporting joint function. We’ve done this by working on the leading edge of understanding the healing power of nature and producing products that deliver results with simple, healthy, proven solutions.

Bala Enzyme harnesses the potent anti-inflammatory properties of natural enzymes to improve your joint function. Bromelain, Turmeric, and Papain are enzymes commonly found in nature and in our exceptional combination help to increase tolerance, strength and support for your overall joint health and recovery.


  • Arash Aftabi CEO

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