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MISSION: Make Edible Insects Part of the Daily Diet of North Americans

Edible Insects as a serious food source has been gaining acceptance across the United States, Canada and Europe in recent years. In today’s increased environmental and health conscious world, edible insects make sense to a lot of people. This trend will not slow down as our planet struggles to adapt to a 50% to 80% increase in food demand in less than 50 years. For the benefit of our children, we need solutions to our unsustainable livestock production systems. Edible insects is a natural answer.

Edible Insects are Healthy

Insects as a nutritional food source has been generally ignored by much of North America (Bravo Mexico!). Yet, many edible insects have more protein than beef or salmon and include all of the essential amino acids (this and being rich in B12 makes them a great meat alternative for vegetarians). Edible insects are packed with very bio-available vitamins and minerals. Many have more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk and include substantial quantities of B12 and Omega 3. They are a prebiotic which are nutrients for probiotics. Adding edible insects to our diet makes sense.

Edible Insects are an Environmentally Friendly and Humane Solution

During the past 50 years meat production has tripled and now accounts for nearly one-third of all arable land and one-third of the fresh water we use. Over the next fifty years demand for meat (specifically beef) will double or more. Our planet can not handle this growth. In contrast, insects can be grown vertically in rural or urban environments using a fraction of the land, water and feed needed for meat. They emit minimal greenhouse gasses and do not pollute our land and waterways with their waste (insect frass is a fertilizer). Insects can be grown humanely just about anywhere in the world by households, small farmers and large commercial interests. Edible insects are an environmentally friendly solution.

Greatest Food Revolution of Our Time

It’s not often that chefs have a whole new food group to experiment with. There are nearly 2000 edible insects and they all taste different. Vanguard chefs are discovering ways to use whole, chopped and powdered insects to astound patrons with dishes that range from shocking to delicious. Beyond being healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, humane and delicious, cooking with edible insects is fun and memorable. Nobody ever forgets when and where they ate their first scorpion.

The World Follows Trends Originating Here in North America

Entosense is introducing the edible insect experience that people the world over enjoy to restaurants and kitchen tables throughout North America. The world watches America and follows our lead. Making edible insects a trend here will benefit the world.

Join Us in Our Mission to Make Edible Insects Part of the Daily Diet of North Americans


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