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Harmless Harvest Launches 100% Raw Coconut Water with Cinnamon & Clove

San Francisco, CA. Fresh off the heels of launching the first ever 100% Raw Tea, Harmless Harvest and Whole Foods Market are releasing a limited time offering for the holidays. This seasonal recipe blends therapeutic levels of organic cinnamon and clove extracts using the wildly popular 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water as a base. With some extra bite and fragrant warmth accentuating the signature …

Harmless Harvest Launches First 100% Raw & Organic Tea at Whole Foods

In 2011, Harmless Harvest launched its 100% raw & organic coconut water to popular acclaim.  Two years later the pioneering beverage company has set out to “reconnect people to the plant” in another beverage category: Tea.

As with their first product, when it comes to tea, the madness (or genius) is in the method:  After two years of research and development, the company has finalized …

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