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mySmoothie/myGoodness SA


MyGoodness is an International Limited company specialising in healthy lifestyle products. The mySmoothie brand was founded in 2004; we’re now available in more than 20 countries. We're very proud of our brand and proud to keep our Swedish values.

We Swedes have a reputation for being natural, healthy and sporty. While we can’t promise that you’ll be all those things by drinking mySmoothie, we can promise that are drinks are delicious and contain no added sugar, additives or preservatives.

mySmoothie is of course made in Sweden from 100 % fresh fruit and berries, we have 6 exciting flavors: Blueberry, Mango, Passion fruit, Peach, Raspberry and our new edition Strawberry!


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Nybro 382 91


+351 21 390 5131


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