OXENUK IMPEX CORPORATION is proud to announce that they have become the exclusive distributor in the USA and the Russian Federation for the "Peep One" group of companies which as been producing beverages and distributing worldwide for 15 years. This line will include: Peep One Erotic Drink, APHRODITE Love Drink and Blue Jeans Energy Drink. Additionally, OXENUK IMPEX CORPORATION will be distributing gourmet foods and confectionaries.

We are an International Export Import Corporation based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Oxenuk Impex Corp. is involved in bilateral world trade between the USA and numerous countries, including Baltic States, Russia and Eastern Europe. We currently have offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. and Moscow, Russian Federation.

The products "Peep One" features are the first of a new generation of soft-drinks in the area of wellness-stimulation-energy drinks. The beverages Peep One Erotic Drink, APHRODITE Love Drink and Blue Jeans Energy Drink feature natural ingredients without any chemical additives or alcohol. The stimulating taste and vigorous effects appeal to a large market.


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