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So Good So You Launches Probiotic Wellness Shots

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (August 1, 2017) — So Good So You announces the launch of new refrigerated, certified organic, non-GMO verified, vegan wellness shots that support digestion and immune health. These 1.7 ounce shots come in 5 flavors and serve up 1 billion probiotic colony forming units (CFUs).

The new shots are formulated to deliver a potent dose of immune-boosting ingredients via cold-pressed, raw vegetables, fruits, …

So Good So You Launches Line of Dairy-Free Cold-Brew Coffee

So Good So You™ launches a line of organic, dairy-free, creamy, caffeinated beverages nationwide today. Made with only 100% organic and non-GMO verified ingredients, each bottle is protein-packed from the power of raw cashews.