Tama Tea, LLC.

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Beverage Companies: USA


From our two tea cafes (Tama Cafe) in Wilmington, North Carolina we have created a new sparkling canned tea product. We used our experience and customer feedback inside our cafes to develop this amazing sparkling tea that is unlike anything else on the market. Our tea is craft brewed with a whole leaf organic green tea for all three of our flavors (Lemon Lavender, Peach Pear and Mango Verde.) We only use real ingredients (no artificial, “natural” ingredients or concentrates of any kind.) For example; our Mango Verde is brewed organic whole leaf green tea with dried mango pieces. Drinking our product you are getting all of the amazing benefits of green tea, tons of antioxidants and even caffeine (35mg.) We do all this while yielding zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero carbs, no artificial ingredients and keeping it shelf stable. As Bill Creelman from Spindrift said "There is NO standard for natural flavors," and we agree with him which is why we only use an organic whole leaf green tea and steep with real fruits and herbs. This is not just another sparkling water, this is tea. All the health benefits of tea because it is tea! We don't just make something that tastes good we make a product that is good for you.


  • Rocco Quaranto Co-Founder

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