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Our Story:

The idea of the body as a Temple is what started the journey for Daniel Sullivan, Temple Founder. The mission was to bring the highest quality turmeric to the world with the first Turmeric-based ready to drink beverages.  Daniel began in the basement of Trinity church in Manhattan’s East Village. It was a soup kitchen by day and the pastor would let him come in and prepare Elixirs at night. At the time Daniel repurposed soup trays into cases and hired a group of Amish families to make bicycle carts which he pulled up and down the streets to mom and pops, bodegas, yoga studios and health food stores in the area.

Temple Today:

Fast forward to today and Temple is a lifestyle beverage brand creating Nature’s most delicious and efficacious elixirs.   Our mission?... to fuel Energy, Strength and Recovery by blending “intelligent” ingredients “intelligently” to work hard for consumers.
From shots containing 10,000mg of turmeric for post-exercise inflammation to adaptogenic natural energy beverages formulated to provide a balanced lift, we create and innovate so consumers can optimize their health and achieve the best version of themselves.

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