Blue Island Coffee

Review: Blue Island “CoffeeBucha” Marries Coffee and Kombucha

Blue Island's "CoffeeBucha" is not the first coffee-based kombucha that we’ve seen, but it’s the first kombucha line that we’ve seen to go all-in on cold-brew. From a conceptual level, this approach seems like it will only work if both the kombucha and the cold-brew are of high quality...

Brands See Flavor, Marketing Opportunities in Hybrid Drinks

As simple an idea as combining two existing beverages into one product might be, several brands are using the concept as a platform for exploring category-crossing innovations with a distinct appeal to millennial consumers.

Blue Island Coffee Aims For Escapism

Chris Hopkins wants to take you on a tropical vacation. His mode of transport? Coffee. A longtime beverage sales executive, Hopkins recently launched Blue Island Coffee, a brand designed to carry consumers “away from their daily routine through coffee innovation.”