Cold brew tea

Growth Brewing at EvyTea

The Boston-based Cold Brew Tea company is currently seeking to raise $1 million in a series A funding round. Its ready-to-drink line is now available in more than 500 retail stores in the Northeast, including 33 Whole Foods Markets.

Review: Fogdog “Hydrodynamic” Cold Brew Tea & Coffee

Fogdog is Bay Area-based startup that is launching the industry’s first hydrodynamic cold brew coffee and tea. What is hydrodynamic cold brew and how is it any different from any other cold brew out there?

Review: Matcha LOVE Ice-Steeped Cold Brew Tea

In our opinion, one of the big reasons that cold brew tea hasn’t exactly found the same level of success as cold brew coffee is because it doesn’t yet have a noticeably different taste than its hot brewed counterpart. ITO EN, which is the Japanese company behind Matcha LOVE, is attempting to make an effort to change that.

Review: Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Tea

Secret Squirrel has taken somewhat of a purist approach with its cold brew tea line. The three blends, which include Rwanda Black, Sencha Green, and, for the only flavored variety, Mint Green, are very lightly sweetened and have rather assertive tea flavors.

Expo West 2017 Preview: Ito En to Launch “Ice-Steeped” Cold Brew Tea

Betting that consumer demand for cold brew will percolate beyond coffee and into the RTD tea segment, Ito En North America has developed a new range of “ice-steeped” cold brew teas. The company will debut the products, which stretch across three of its brands -- matcha LOVE, TEAS’ TEA Organic and Oi Ocha -- at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West 2017.