Distributors Sue Fiji Over Contract Dispute

In a complaint filed in Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County on September 11, three distributors — North Carolina-based Carolina Beverage Corp. and Dixie Riverside and Alligator Beverage, both headquartered in Georgia — claim Fiji Water broke their respective contracts by forcing retailers in their sales territories to stop accepting product deliveries and making no attempt to negotiate terms to service those accounts

Ex-Employees File Lawsuits Against Bai

Three former employees have sued the company and its recently departed founder and CEO, Ben Weiss, for allegedly cheating them out of the fair market value of their ownership stakes in the company ahead of its $1.7 billion sale to Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) last November.

Vita Coco Calls Drinks “Squid Free,” Consumer to Pursue Legal Action

Vita Coco aimed to put a lighter note on a media blitz that occurred this week after several media outlets reported a New York woman had found a mysterious object in a carton of coconut water. In a press release issued today, the company stated that its beverages are “delicious, refreshing, safe and most definitely ‘squid free.’”

In the Courtroom: Craft Root Beer Maker Battles Monster

Craft root beer maker Thunder Beast faces a trademark infringement suit from Monster Energy, while Unique Beverage Company is hit with class action litigation over allegations its coconut flavored sparkling water is deceiving to consumers

PepsiCo Agrees to Change Naked Label in Settlement

As a result of a settlement with the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer watchdog group, PepsiCo agreed last week to make several changes in the labeling and marketing of its Naked juices and smoothies. In October CSPI alleged that the labelling of Naked products misled consumers about their nutritional value and ingredients.

In the Courtroom: Class Action Against Odwalla Can Move Ahead

In the courtroom this month: A class action against Odwalla can move ahead after a judge declined a request to toss the case, Pennsylvania's state Supreme Court declines to hear the "soda tax" case, and POM Wonderful accuses Wonder Fuel of "forum shopping" in trademark infringement allegations.

POM Sues Bai Over “Super Tea” Trademark

A cursory search of U.S. trademark registration records indicates that both companies may indeed have reasonable arguments to present with regard to their ownership of the term.

In the Courtroom: Hint and Zico Face Class Actions

A pair of class action lawsuits filed in California last week accuse two well-known beverage companies of making false and misleading claims on their packaging and in marketing materials.

Press Clips: Blue Diamond To Pay $9 Million in Settlement

Blue Diamond reported to be settling class action lawsuit for about $9 million, Justin Timberlake is set to star in Bai's upcoming Super Bowl commercial, and the FDA cracks down on alleged camel milk "miracle cure."

In the Courtroom: Health Watchdog Groups Sue Coke, Wonder Fuel Seeks Relief

In a move that some experts have described as similar in strategy to the legal actions taken against the tobacco industry in the 1990s, a new lawsuit accuses Coke and CSD-friendly trade group American Beverage Association (ABA) of engaging in a 40-year “elaborate campaign of disinformation” to minimize the health risks associated with soft drink consumption.