Elevator Talk: Liquid Death Aims to Beat Energy Drinks at Their Own Game

In this week’s episode of Elevator Talk, meet Liquid Death -- a water brand that’s looking to make healthy hydration a rebellious experience. Tune in to hear Mike Cessario, Founder of Liquid Death, discuss how the Los Angeles-based brand is using its cool factor to target young consumers looking to stay hydrated in a fun and edgy way.

Elevator Talk: Poppilu Looks to Bring Consumers Back to Lemonade with Antioxidants

In this week’s episode of Elevator Talk, meet Poppilu -- a brand that’s trying to disrupt the refrigerated juice category starting with a health-forward lemonade. Tune in to hear Melanie Kahn, Founder of Poppilu, discuss how the Chicago-based brand is using aronia berries and fresh ingredients to bring consumers back to lemonade, touting high antioxidants and less sugar.