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BevNET Live Breakouts: E-Commerce, Financial Planning for Companies and Founders, Communications, and International Markets

We’ve put together a diverse list of Breakout Sessions for Monday afternoon, Dec. 4 during BevNET Live in Santa Monica. This is the “Choose Your Own Adventure” portion of the day, when attendees have the opportunity to customize their experience, diving deep into topics like brand communications and story development, influencer marketing, e-commerce, funding, strategy, boards, and more.

Less formal that the main stage events that precede them, these breakout sessions are highly interactive, with free-flowing Q and A and discussion on specialized topics that can help grow businesses, secure your future as an entrepreneur, and unearth future opportunities.

Breakout sessions will take place from 2:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. — there will be a 10 minute room change break at 2:40, with the next session starting at 2:50.

Session 1 Breakouts (2 p.m. to 2:40 p.m.)

EComm Perspectives: Third Party and In-House Strategies

E-Commerce experts Betsy McGinn (McGinn E-Commerce Consulting) and John Coogan (co-founder, Soylent) will be joined by Madeline Haydon of Nutpods to outline two e-commerce strategies: Nutpods relies on a third-party platform heavily influenced by Amazon, another centered around a company’s own web presence. Together, they will help attendees understand what strategy might work best for them. (Location: Venice Meeting Room, 4th Floor)

Global Beverages: Key Trends and Opportunities

Euromonitor beverages expert Michael Schaefer presents beverage trends from abroad, and identifies some key product areas and geographies that might appeal to growing beverage brands. (Location: Catalina Ballroom, 4th Floor)

The Honest Naked Unsweetened Truth About PR from Two Veteran Brand-Builders: Communications and Inflection Points for Entrepreneurs

Communications experts Josh Kohnstamm (Kohnstamm Communications) and Fred Haberman (Haberman) come together to discuss the vital role of PR and Communications, both internal and external, during company growth stages. The pair will discuss communication of mission, brand messaging, and the use of a variety of communications campaigns and best practices. Together, the two have worked with insurgent beverage brands like Honest, Naked, Sambazon, Organic Valley, Reed’s, and more. (Location: Palisades Ballroom, C/D)

Board Building, Board Communications

What are the best practices for CEOs, Founders, and Executives for putting together and getting the most assistance from a Board of Directors? What is the right amount of communication to provide without burdening leadership and hampering operations? How do you avoid adversarial relationships when this new class of stakeholders joins your beverage brand? Veteran board members and operators Jordan Gaspar of AccelFoods, Brad Barnhorn of Barnhorn Growth Advisors, and Alan Murray of NextFoods share their experience and advice. (Location: Meeting Room 831, 8th Floor)

Session 2 Breakouts (2:50 – 3:30 p.m.)

E-Marketing Viewpoint: Deploying Influencers

Whether you’re using them or not yet, you will. Online influencers are growing as a way to expose your brand to specialized consumer groups and deepen brand loyalty. This panel will bring together Vital Proteins CEO Kurt Seidensticker, Covet PR & Influencer Relations Manager Kira Tirschfield and online influencer George Bryant (nom de post: the “Civilized Caveman”) to discuss the best ways to roll out this important marketing vehicle. (Location: Venice Meeting Room, 4th Floor)

It’s Not Always About the Money: Planning for Founder Success

It’s not about cashing in or cashing out, but if your business is growing, or even just starting out, there are key early decisions to be made that can make to build financial security and opportunity for owners, founders, and key executives. Sure, founders don’t always want to believe they’ll leave their companies — and sometimes they don’t — but either way, having advice from power trio of Mike Burbank (Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management), Bill Moses (CEO, Disruptive Brands; founder, Kevita) and Dan Harris (Partner, BraunHagey & Borden) will help you see and pave the road ahead as an individual and as a company leader. (Location: Palisades Ballroom, C/D)

Funding Options Deep Dive: Making Debt and Equity Work Together It’s the rare emerging beverage company whose growth is solely dependent on debt or equity alone — it’s much more common to deploy both over the long term. So when should you borrow, when should you sell, and when is it important to use them both together? That’s what our panel will discuss, using cases from entrepreneurial companies and personal histories. With Ben Brachot (Dwight Funding); Chris Fenster (Propeller Industries); Eric Skae (Rao’s) and Dayton Miller (Boulder Food Group). (Location: Palisades Ballroom, C/D)

Strategy to Outcome: How to Focus What Drives a Beverage Business

Want to build a beverage company that will function with smooth focus as it grows? Neil Kimberley, the Chief Strategy Officer at Essentia Water, will be there to give you the plan. Kimberley’s talk separates out the tactical to focus on the strategic — the definition of business goals and measurement of the effectiveness of the activities taken on to achieve those goals. For the TCB entrepreneur, this features actionable advice on setting scorecards, key performance indicators for marketing, sales, and distribution growth. (Location: Meeting Room 831, 8th Floor)

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About BevNET Live

BevNET Live Winter 2017 takes place on December 4 and 5 at the Loews Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California. The event is a twice-a-year conference that connects beverage entrepreneurs, suppliers, distributors, retailers and investors to foster innovation, creativity and cooperation to accelerate advancement of the beverage industry.

BevNET Live is a two-day forum for beverage entrepreneurs, suppliers, distributors, retailers and investors to gather and exchange ideas through interactive panels, lectures, and networking.

Attendees are able to access the expertise of investment professionals on ways to attract funding, successful brand owners about their inspiring stories, retail and distribution gatekeepers on growth strategies and industry advisors on sales, marketing, and branding challenges. BevNET Live offers extensive and in-depth programming and networking with other attendees and the community, which has spent more than a decade dedicating itself to careful reporting on the fast-moving beverage industry. More than just a conference, BevNET LIVE includes exclusive offerings including the BevNET Live Expo, the New Beverage Showdown, a Sampling Bar option for all attendees, a Beverage School for new entrepreneurs, and more.