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11 New Tequila and Mezcals It’s Time To Try

Spirit makers celebrated everything from brand anniversaries to traditional holidays this month with the launch of a wide range of limited-edition tequila and mezcal varieties. The new tequilas featured contain flavors ranging from lemon and vanilla to turkey breast and sherry wine.

Review: Later Days Coffee Co.

Previously only available in a single unsweetened cold brew coffee SKU packaged in a glass bottle, Later Days Coffee has recently expanded its lineup with the launch of three shelf stable cold brews in 8 ounce cans.

Taste Radio: In The Face Of Adversity, What Would ‘Buddha’ Do? Try Otherworldly Innovation.

From national distribution to failed innovation to keto-driven disruption, it’s all in a decade’s work for Buddha Brands’ co-founders Chris Magnone and Mark Cigos, who we profile in this episode of Taste Radio. We also sat down with Jen Ballen and Joe Magliano, the co-founders of Otherworld Foods, an upstart brand that aligns locally sourced and upcycled ingredients with nostalgia-inspired products.

Review: Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits RTD

Lyre’s is a manufacturer of non-alcoholic spirits and ready-to-drink non alcoholic spirits. Their two most recent offerings, American Malt & Cola and Dark ‘N Spicy, brings their total RTD SKUs to five and we figured that it’s a good time to try the line.

Taste Radio: These Founders Are Upending The Status Quo… And Smiling Along The Way

In this episode, we explored the respective paths of four early-stage and emerging brand owners, from brand ideation and early struggles to social strategies and retail planning. The conversations highlight the perspective of founders who are attempting to reframe legacy categories via next-generation brands and products.

Expo East 2021 Editors’ Recap: News, Trends and Products

In this video recap, BevNET and NOSH editors Martin Caballero, Carol Ortenberg and Jeff Klineman discuss the latest news, trends and products that emerged from the show, touching on the evolution of keto-friendly products, the impact and influence of alternative retail channels, and much more.

17 New Fun-Flavored Beverages To Try This Month

Beverage companies innovated with a wide range of flavors this month from a Reese’s cup coffee from International Delight to Startburst-inspired C4 Energy drinks. The cannabis beverage industry also continued to grow with the debut of brands such as James & James and new products such as a THC-infused botanical beverage from AMASS.

Review: Unity Hemp and Adaptogen Infused Beverages

Unity is a line of non-carbonated low calorie beverages that are infused with hemp and adaptogens. Available in a variety of fruit flavors, each 14 ounce bottle of Unity contains only 30 calories and 5 grams of sugar.

Taste Radio: From Pre-Launch To National At Whole Foods In Less Than A Year. This Is The Story Of Acid League.

Cole Pearsall, the co-founder of experimental food and beverage platform Acid League, spoke about how the diverse experience of the brand’s founding team spurred its development, why trust was the key factor in winning over Whole Foods, the use of product as a form of marketing and how the company aligns its retail and ecommerce strategies.

Taste Radio: Why Simplicity And Surrender Has Been The Mantra Of This Acclaimed Entrepreneur

Greg Brewer, the co-founder of world-renowned winery Brewer-Clifton, spoke about why a focus on ritual and discipline has guided his three decades in the wine business, the critical lesson about branding that he learned from celebrated designer Diane von Furstenberg, how vulnerability factors into his leadership style and how he’s maintained a positive relationship with the trade and press.