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Elevator Talk: Lost Coast Roast Organic Cold Brew is Focused on Sustainability

Johnny Miller, the owner and co-founder of Lost Coast Roast, is focused on producing fair-trade, organic cold brewed coffee sourced from sustainable, shade-grown farms. The family business is rooted in Northern California and incorporates locally sourced milk from Humboldt Creamery as one of the four ingredients in its cold brew.

Review: Synapse Natural Cognitive Boost

Launched in September, Synapse is a caffeine free ready-to-drink supplement that is designed to boost mental performance, focus, and energy. The product is available in a single SKU.

Taste Radio Ep. 141: How Late July Founder Nicole Dawes Turned a Niche Into a $100 Million Business

Dawes joined Taste Radio for a conversation chronicling her entrepreneurial journey, from childhood to her decision to launch Late July Snacks to its eventual sale. She also explained why staying independent early on and maintaining voting control of her company saved it from potential downfall and told a remarkable story about her first sales call.

Review: Sweet Reason Sparkling Water with CBD

Sweet Reason is a new sparkling water enhanced with 7 mg of cannabidiol (CBD). The product is produced in Canada, contain 5 calories per 12 oz. bottle and is available in three unsweetened flavors:, Grapefruit, Cucumber + Mint, and Strawberry + Lavender.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 11: We’re Talking BevNET Live, British Booch & Moju Juice

Exploring the evolving market for food and beverage in the U.K. from the perspective of two London-based entrepreneurs: Jarr Kombucha co-founder Adam Vanni and Moju Drinks co-founder Rich Goldsmith. Also in this episode: the hosts discussed notable moments and presentations from day one of BevNET Live Winter 2018.

Elevator Talk: Shaka Tea Takes Hawaii-Grown Mamaki Tea National

Shaka Tea Co-founder and President Bella Hughes aims to deliver an authentic Hawaii-grown mamaki tea to a broader audience. The herbal tea has no caffeine or added sugar and comes in a variety of island-inspired flavors. Hughes has made a commitment to regenerative agriculture farming practices with a focus on empowering the local mamaki farming community and economy.

Taste Radio Ep. 140: How to Solve Billion-Dollar Problems, According to Method/Ripple Foods Co-Founder Adam Lowry

Adam Lowry explored the development of both Method and Ripple and how lessons from the former factored into the foundation for the latter. He also shared his perspective on how the funding environment for CPG brands has changed, why it was important to hire a CEO early into Method’s life cycle, discussed Ripple’s mission and its innovative technology, and why he believes that “raising money is not an indicator of success.”

Review: Rambler Sparkling Water

Rambler Sparkling Water is a mineral water that launched earlier this year out of Austin, Tex. This latest entry into the fast-rising category is filtered with Texas limestone and has added minerals in 12 oz can.

Elevator Talk: HyVida Hydrogen-Infused Sparkling Water Brings Consumers Antioxidants

Rick Smith, President & CEO of HyVida, has engineered a functional sparkling water line by adding hydrogen gas. Incorporating hydrogen through a unique technology provides consumers a beverage with added antioxidants. With new technology and a unique concept, Smith has found developing a narrative the most challenging piece of the puzzle.

Editor’s Note: In Memoriam – Ryan Ziegelmann

Ryan Ziegelmann, president of Starbucks-owned organic beverage brand Evolution Fresh, passed away from cancer on November 8, the company told BevNET in an email.

Review: Teatulia Organic Tea Soda

Teatulia Organic Tea Sodas are a line of organic ready-to-drink sparkling teas that are sweetened with sugar.

Taste Radio Ep. 139: The ‘Accident’ That Made AriZona Co-Founder Don Vultaggio a Billionaire

AriZona co-founder/chairman Don Vultaggio discussed how his experience as a beer distributor paved the way for the development and stunning rise of AriZona. He also explained how the company has maintained its iconic 99 cent pricing model for 26 years, why he views AriZona as “one big incubator,” and why running a business means handling all kinds of problems, even if it means mopping up blood.