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Review: Min’s Matcha

Based in Clearwater, Florida, Min’s Matcha is a small batch matcha brand that is available in six different flavors. For this review, we sampled three of their offerings: Blueberry Bliss, Peach on Earth, and Enlighten Mint (the company’s three other SKUs are “Lite” versions of these same flavors).

Taste Radio Ep. 176: Quality Is Always Going To Win Out. Need Proof? It’s In The Peanut Butter.

Teddie Natural Peanut Butter president/CEO Mark Hintlian explained why the company’s obsessive commitment to quality and dedication to its employees have been bedrocks of its success. He also spoke about how Teddie communicates the nutritional benefits of its products and why he believes that some competing brands marketing “natural” products are misleading consumers.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 47: It’s Time To Prioritize Your Mental Health

Misfit Foods co-founder Ann Yang opened up about how the stress of entrepreneurship led to unhappiness and depression, and, ultimately, her decision to leave the company. She also explained how therapy has become a critical part of her life, her belief that we live in a culture that “mythologizes who the entrepreneur is,” and the resulting pressure to build “a personal brand.”

Review: IndiCoco Coconut Water

IndiCoco is a three SKU line of shelf stable coconut water beverages that are produced in Thailand. The line includes an unflavored product made with a single ingredient in addition to two flavored offerings.

Elevator Talk: Beauty Gourmet Supports Women’s Wellness Naturally

Kris Ravenscroft is the co-founder and CEO of Beauty Gourmet, a company that creates sparkling wellness teas for women. The company's first product line is Glitter Tea, which is sparkling tea that contains ayurvedic ingredients like Amla extract, adaptogens and antioxidants.

Taste Radio Ep. 175: They Called Him Crazy. Now They’re Eating Their Words… And His Pickles.

Grillo’s Pickles founder/CEO Travis Grillo spoke about why he pursued his passion despite the naysayers and explained why he fondly recalls the days when he was struggling and broke. He also discussed the unconventional way that Grillo’s got into Whole Foods, how he considers new hires and investment and why he’s just as likely to take advice from a homeless person as he would from a billionaire.

Review: Purpose Purple Tea

Purpose Purple Tea is a line of ready to drink purple tea beverages that are Non-GMO verified and, as the name subtly suggests, is built around a social mission that focuses on female tea pickers in Kenya, where the product is sourced.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 46: What Happens When You Never Release The Gas Pedal?

No Cow founder/CEO Daniel Katz spoke about his passion for entrepreneurship and the genesis of his plant-based protein bar brand, which he launched with no business plan or extensive market research. He also discussed why his initial “play the numbers” retail strategy worked, why he rarely asks for advice, and why he decided to return as CEO less than a year after stepping down from the role.

Gallery: New Mid-Summer Spirits

In this month’s spirits gallery, we highlight a handful of the notable new releases from mid-summer, including a special collaboration between Remy Martin and French metalsmith Steaven Richard, a new limited edition single malt from Laphroaig and several new canned RTD cocktail products.

Elevator Talk: Altru Boasts Antioxidants and Exotic Flavors

Eugene Gross is the co-founder of Altru Brands, a company that delivers premium and functional flavored waters. The products contain a patent pending blend of antioxidants including glutathione, as well as electrolytes and vitamins.

Cannabis Forum 2019: Building a Fairer Industry

As cannabis entrepreneurs, Willie Mack, co-founder and president of boutique cannabis brand Think BIG, and Rashaan Everett, CEO of vertically integrated cannabis startup Good Tree Holdings, have made addressing systemic issues a fundamental part of their respective business plans.