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Review: Organic Tisane Alkaline Tea

Available in two flavors, Hibiscus Berry and Vanilla Chai, Organic Tisane Alkaline Tea is a low-calorie herbal tea that was designed with hydration in mind. Brewed using alkaline water (with 8.0 pH+), the products have rooibos tea at their base.

Review: Bontá Hydration

Bontá Hydration is a line of functional beverages that feature ingredients that are part of the Mediterranean Diet. Right off the bat, what the company is pitching seems a bit complicated. The products, while sporting a polished layout, nevertheless is complicated enough to require you to pick up the bottle and examine it.

Review: Forto Coffee’s Flavored Offerings

When we first tried Forto’s Espresso offering back in 2015, we weren’t immediate converts. Almost two years later, thanks to new flavored offerings Vanilla and Mocha, Forto has definitely grown on us.

Review: Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Humblemaker Coffee Co. is a California-based company that produces high-quality coffee products. The company is also cause-oriented, with both membership in 1% for the Planet and the creation of a “#tenforautism” campaign.

Review: Jared’s Probiotics’ Water Kefir Soda

Jared’s Probiotics comes to us from an Oklahoma City-based company that markets probiotic-enhanced food and beverage products. Water kefir, which is the source of the probiotic content that the company is marketing, is at the heart of these drinks. However, the products are quite easy to consume and they can all hold their own as far as craft sodas go.

Review: Blue Island “CoffeeBucha” Marries Coffee and Kombucha

Blue Island's "CoffeeBucha" is not the first coffee-based kombucha that we’ve seen, but it’s the first kombucha line that we’ve seen to go all-in on cold-brew. From a conceptual level, this approach seems like it will only work if both the kombucha and the cold-brew are of high quality...

Review: Peet’s Cold Brew Gets New Packaging & Flavors

While we first took a look at Peet’s Cold Brew back in Summer 2016, the company recently made some tweaks to the brand. In May, the company, which also announced a new “Coldcraft” unit to focus on cold-brew, has updated both the packaging and the flavor set.

Review: Cide Road Goes Sparkling with “Spritzel”

Switchel, which is, at least in the case of Cide Road, a beverage that features water, vinegar, and maple syrup, is something that has in recent years gained attention as an up and coming beverage category. However, it has yet to crack the mainstream. With Spritzel, Cide Road is clearly hoping to change that.

Review: Preston’s Ginger Beer

Made in San Diego, Calif. in small batches, Preston’s Ginger Beer is one of the best-tasting ginger beers that we’ve sampled in a while. The recipe, which is based on a 100-year-old South African recipe that was handed down from the founder’s grandmother, is potent, but balanced.

Review: Keepers Citrus Coffee Soda

Made in Brooklyn, N.Y., Keepers Citrus Coffee Soda is a product that is attempting to deliver a flavor profile that’s brighter and more refreshing than a standard coffee.

Review: ZuMo

ZUMO Juice is a line of pasteurized juice beverages that are produced in Spain and made with locally sourced ingredients, including purified Mediterranean seawater.

Review: HeyDay Cold Brew Coffee

Austin, Texas-based HeyDay is an upstart line of cold-brewed coffee drinks that appears to be aiming directly for the mainstream. The brand also has the calorie-conscious consumer in mind, with four flavor varieties that range from 15-80 calories per 12 oz. can.

Review: Planet Fuel

Planet Fuel is a line of non-carbonated organic juice beverages that were created with the tween and teen consumer in mind. The aim is to offer something that is an alternative to the bevy of unhealthy and uncool beverages that target this age demographic. Did it succeed?