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Review: XUA Superfood Energy Drink

XUA (pronounced shoo-AH) Superfood Energy Drink is a recently launched energy drink that blends superfood ingredients and juice to create a formulation that’s low in calories but big on flavor. The brand currently features a single SKU, Brazilian Berry, which is packaged in a slim 8.45 oz can.

Taste Radio: We’re Focused On Blurred Lines, A ‘Deadly’ Deal And CANNnuary

Taste Radio’s hosts reflected upon last week’s highly publicized deal between the Coca-Cola Co. and Constellation Brands, the growing pool of hop-centric drinks and news of Liquid Death’s colossal funding round. They also discussed a “flamin’ hot” line extension for a not-so-NOSHy snack brand, why “Cannuary” is trending among some folks in the office and highlighted several new beverages and bites.

Taste Radio: Most People Don’t Know ‘Jack.’ Annie Ryu Is Planning To Change That.

Jack & Annie’s founder/CEO Annie Ryu spoke about her initial vision to support farming communities in India by incentivizing production of jackfruit, how she began building the company while still an undergraduate student at Harvard, how Jack & Annie’s is positioned within a competitive set for plant-based meat and what she’s learned about entrepreneurship and the value of persistence.

Review: Recess Zero Proof Margarita

With Dry January in full swing, hemp and adaptogen-infused beverage marketer Recess recently dropped a limited edition flavor, Zero Proof “Margarita,” marking the first time the brand has directly marketed one of their products as an alternative to alcohol.

Taste Radio: Could A Microbubble Transform An Industry? Todd Carmichael Is Betting On It.

Todd Carmichael, who co-founded pioneering third-wave coffee company La Colombe, is once again breaking new ground with the launch of innovative “shimmering water” brand Loftiwater. In this episode, Carmichael spoke about how the pandemic influenced his decision to step away from La Colombe and inspired a fresh start, his ambitious vision for Loftiwater and why the brand’s early start included a chartered plane to Venezuela.

BevNET Live Winter 2021: The D2C Brand Building Formula

As CEO of online consulting firm Sharma Brands, Nik brings unique insights and experience as to how CPG companies large and small should think about their go-to-market strategies and their approach to establishing a brand in the modern web environment.

Review: Wildwonder

Wildwonder is a line of USDA Organic functional sparkling beverages designed to help support gut and immune health. Originally available in glass bottles, Wildwonder now comes in 12 ounce slim cans in five SKUs that range from 30 or 35 calories each.

Taste Radio: We Have A Suggestion Or Two For 2022

In Taste Radio’s final episode of 2021, the hosts spoke about why entrepreneurs launching new and innovative concepts need to consider the addressable market for their brands and products going into 2022. They also discussed the news that a high-profile kombucha company has leapt into the growing pool of probiotic sodas, a fast-growing snack brand’s recent raise and a number of notable products that crossed their respective desks over the past week.

The Top 10 Most Read BevNET Stories of 2021

Whether it was closing deals, filing lawsuits or simply reshuffling product rosters, 2021 saw beverage industry operators staking out positions and fighting to defend them in a variety of ways.

Taste Radio: How To Make Retailers, Investors And Trendsetters Love Your Brand

This special edition of the podcast features highlights from interviews with six founders, creators and innovators who joined us on the show during the second half of 2021. Our guests include award-winning television host, chef and writer Andew Zimmern; Vanessa Pham, the co-founder and CEO of Omsom; Erewhon chief growth officer Kabir Jain; Catherine Dockery, the founder of Vice Ventures; Foxtrot Market co-founder and CEO Mike LaVitola; and Danielle LiVolsi, the founder and CEO of Nuttzo.

Watch: Category Closeup – Zero Proof Drinks

In this episode of Category Closeup, we examine the current state of the “zero-proof” beverage category, including why the movement is gaining momentum, how entrepreneurs in the space are standing out in an increasingly competitive category, the impact of format and packaging innovations, and how the shifting context around health and wellness is influencing overall growth in the segment.

Ten Whiskeys To Get You Through to 2022

Whether you're looking for last minute gift ideas or some holiday sippers for yourself, here's a look at some of the notable new end-of-year whiskeys, including two special expressions from Heaven's Door and a straight bourbon inspired by British metal legends Motörhead, plus other non-music related releases.