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Taste Radio: The ‘Evil’ Strategy Is Remarkably Good

This week, we’re joined by Charles Coristine, president and CEO of LesserEvil, who spoke about the better-for-you snack brand’s turnaround from industry outcast to a vertically integrated platform that emphasizes gross margin and innovation. Within our conversation, he explained why he leans on retail buyers to guide product development and why he’s a proponent of “failing fast and falling forward.”

Gallery: July’s New Products

As we continue to wade through the summer, beverage brands released a variety of new functional products with everything from ready-to-drink beverages supporting immune health and hydration to line extensions from CBD-brands such as Unity Wellness and Rhythm. Check out the gallery for the latest limited-releases, reformulations, brand debuts and more.

Review: Twrl M!lk Tea

Twrl M!lk Tea is a plant-based milk tea that is made with premium ingredients and nitro-infused. The product line features three flavors, including Original Black, Hojicha Roasted Green Tea and Supreme Jasmine. 

Office Hours: As Food Service Comes Back, How Has It Changed?

Office Hours returns today with a look into the state of the food service channel as a revenue and visibility outlet for food and beverage entrepreneurs. BevNET Editor in Chief Jeff Klineman was joined by Rooted Food Sales’ Matt Cotton and Clay Lichterman of Kodiak Cakes to explore the ways the Covid-19 pandemic cut into food service opportunities and the slow road back for many institutional accounts.

Taste Radio: The Retailer That Every Brand Wants To Be In… Is a Convenience Store

As Foxtrot Market, one of the most hyped retailers in recent memory, prepares to open dozens of new locations, we sat down with co-founder/CEO Mike LaVitola to talk about how the company cultivates an intimate understanding of its consumers, its uniquely curated product selection and why the chain is simultaneously going head-to-head with the likes of Starbucks, 7-Eleven and DoorDash.

IRI: Repurchasing, Service Consolidation Driving E-Commerce Gains

Looking ahead to the second half of this year and beyond, retention of new shoppers, increasing comfort buying CPG online and acceleration of investments by leading retailers in online capabilities is set to drive expansion of online grocery further, representing an estimated 12% of total edible sales.

Review: GIST Prebiotic Sparkling Water

GIST is a line of sparkling waters that are enhanced with 4 grams of prebiotic fiber per 12 ounce can. The products do not contain any added sweeteners and come in two flavors, Chamomile with Rosemary and Ginger with Rooibos.

Health-Ade Debuts Rebranded ‘Pop’ Line

A year after its launch, Health-Ade’s soda-adjacent Booch Pop product has been redesigned and rebranded. Now known simply as Health-Ade Pop, the company aims to expand its reach with consumers by repositioning the line away from kombucha and towards better-for-you soda.

Taste Radio: Embrace Being Uncomfortable. Hyper Growth May Follow.

Joshua Ellis, the founder and CEO of super-premium mixer brand WithCo, explained how, despite being the company’s sole employee in early 2020, he weaved together a DIY and paid social marketing strategy that fueled a surge in direct-to-consumer sales, how he’s thoughtfully expanding the brand’s retail footprint and what he means when he says that he’s “building to sell.”

RTD Spirits Gallery: From G&Ts to Brunch Bellinis

In our latest RTD Cocktails Gallery, we take a snapshot of summer, with new releases ranging from a brunch-themed bellini to a classic whiskey cola to a ready-for-anytime Aperol Spritz.

Watch: Category Closeup: Product Showcase – Sports Drinks

After taking a deep dive into the category dynamics and trends on the Expert Analysis portion of the show, the focus for this month’s episode of Category Close-Up: Sports Drinks shifts to the brands that are driving the action on-shelf in retailers nationwide.

Taste Radio: How To Become The ‘Envy’ Of Your Competition, One Dream Retailer At A Time

This episode features an interview with Wes Henderson, the co-founder and chief innovation officer of Angel's Envy, who chronicled the history and development of the revered whiskey brand and how the company rapidly scaled while staying true to its values. This podcast also includes a conversation with the founders of two innovative brands that focuses on how each landed placement in their dream retailers. Teresa Tsou, the co-founder of better-for-you snack brand Pipsnacks, and Andrew Suzuka, the founder of organic, vegetable-infused tomato sauce brand Otamot, discussed the key steps along their respective paths into Whole Foods and Sprouts.