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Taste Radio Insider Ep. 68: How This Super Bowl Winner Is Tackling Disruption In The Drinks Space

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by former NFL star Matt Light and Bill Dessel, the co-founders of sessionable spirit brand Keel Vodka. As part of our conversation, Light explained why despite ruthless competition as a professional football player, entrepreneurship “is more challenging than it ever would be on the playing field.” He and Dessel also discussed how they overcame initial regulatory hurdles, the benefits of a local distribution strategy, and why “living the lifestyle” is critical for brand ambassadors.

Review: Monfefo Moves to Glass

New York-based Monfefo produces organic and raw cold-pressed shots in two flavors: Ginger and Turmeric. Previously sold in plastic bottles pasteurized via high pressure processing (HPP), the products have been relaunched in glass packaging that the brand is supporting as more eco-friendly.

Elevator Talk: Sofee Adopts Gypsy Brewing Model for Carbonated Cold Brew Coffee Line

Chad Hazen, founder of Sofee, is focused on developing refreshing beverages, but his approach is not that ordinary. Hazen combines the two popular categories of cold brew coffee and soft drinks to create a curious offering that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream consumer yet, but he’s ok with that. To create the product Hazen is leveraging his relationships with breweries across the U.S. to employ the “gypsy brewing model” common in the beer industry.

Review: Kalo

Kalo is a line of flavored sparkling waters enhanced with full spectrum hemp extract. The lineup features four flavors that are lightly sweetened with cane sugar and contain only 15 calories per 12 oz. can.

BevNET Live Winter 2019 Video: Tyler Ricks on Creating Value For Investors

In this presentation from BevNET Live Winter 2019, Tyler Ricks, operating partner at Continental Grain and and Arlon Investments, spoke about how investors can add value beyond actual dollars and cents, and how entrepreneurs can attract and effectively work with those who do so.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 67: Your Side Hustle Could Be Worth Millions. And It Needs A Strategy

In this episode, Matt Weiss, founder/CEO of RIND Snacks, discussed his approach to incubating the skin-on dried fruit brand while maintaining his full-time job. Weiss spoke about how he assessed the financial and opportunity costs of entrepreneurship, the importance of open and honest communication with his employer while incubating RIND and why he believes in “relentless networking.”

Review: Poppi

Poppi is the relaunched version of Mother, which appeared on the ABC series Shark Tank and was also the winner of the New Beverage Showdown 12. The revamped line features a slick, bright design and is being positioned as a prebiotic soda with apple cider vinegar.

BevNET Live Winter 2019: Health-Ade, SPINS on Selling Innovation With Data

In a video recorded at BevNET Live Winter 2019 in Santa Monica, California, Dew and Perteet Spencer, VP of CPG & enterprise sales at market research group SPINS, examined Health-Ade as a case study for effectively integrating data to scale in a fast-growing category, offering insight into how the kombucha brand was incubated in the natural channel and how analytics have helped it target the specific needs of health and wellness consumers.

BevNET Live 2019 Video: Brew Dr.’s Matt Thomas Talks Evolving While Scaling

In this video of his presentation at BevNET Live Winter 2019, Brew Dr. Kombucha founder and CEO Matt Thomas discussed how beverage entrepreneurs can adapt and thrive as they face the challenge of scaling, sharing the importance of adopting a mindset that embraces constant growth and reflected on his day-to-day work building the company over the course of 14 years.

Taste Radio Ep. 195: How ‘Customer First’ Fuels One Of L.A.’s Hottest Brands

Josh Zad, founder of trendsetting cafe chain Alfred Coffee, spoke about how the brand’s appeal is derived from its foundation as “a creative platform” focused on customer experience, why he believes that Alfred isn’t “doing anything groundbreaking” and how he’s attempting to replicate Alfred’s success with Calidad Beer, an upstart brand of Mexican-style lagers.

Review: Koia Coffee

Plant-based protein shake brand Koia is expanding its lineup again with the launch of Koia Coffee, a three-SKU line that features coffee (and 200 mg of caffeine) as well as 5 grams of MCT oil.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 66: Next Level Advice On Investment, Goals, Profitability & More

This special edition of Taste Radio Insider highlights actionable insights and advice from interviews with six founders, creators and investors who joined us on the show during the second half of 2019. Our guests include Zico founder and Powerplant Ventures co-founder Mark Rampolla; Zoe Feldman, the director of the Chobani Incubator; Rick’s Picks founder and CEO Rick Field; Mike Cessario, the founder and CEO of Liquid Death; Harbinger Ventures founder Megan Bent and Chris Kirby, the founder of Ithaca Craft Hummus.