Review: KÖE Organic Kombucha

KÖE is a line of shelf-stable, USDA Organic certified kombuchas packaged in 12 oz cans. Designed to be “fruit forward” and “friendly,” the products are clearly formulated with the mainstream consumer in mind.

Review: Good Idea Drinks: The Swedish Sugar Buster

Good Idea Drinks is a dietary supplement sparkling water product that is made with a blend of five amino acids and a mineral (chromium picolinate). The product, which comes in three flavors including Sparkling Orange Mango, Sparkling Dragonfruit, and Sparkling Lemon Lime, is very much about functionality.

NACS 2018 Video: KÖE Kombucha Looks to Differentiate Via Shelf-Stability, Flavor

In an interview at the NACS 2018 show, which was held Oct. 7-10 in Las Vegas, Jared Smith, the VP of Sales for beverage developer and incubator Stratus Group, which markets canned kombucha maker KÖE and alkaline water brand Perfect Hydration, said that while the brand’s shelf-stability may be attractive to current kombucha drinkers, the products are specifically formulated to attract new consumers to the category.

Coke Elects Brian Smith As New President, COO; CFO Weller Retiring

The Coca-Cola Company has announced Brian Smith will take over as the new president and chief operating officer of The Coca-Cola Company on Jan 1., 2019, after the board of directors today elected the 21-year company veteran to succeed CEO James Quincey in the role.

NACS 2018 Gallery: New Products Pt. 2 – Water, Protein and More

In BevNET's second gallery of new products from the show, we highlight some notable new launches across water of all types, as well as a handful of products such as Dr Pepper's new limited offering, fruit smoothies from Simply and Ripple's entry into the plant-based protein drink arena. For more new products featured at NACS, see our first slideshow.

NACS Video: Coke Builds ‘Total Beverage’ Strategy at C-Stores

Speaking with BevNET at the NACS show, Susan Gambardella, vice president of convenience retail for Coca-Cola North America, explained how the company is implementing its “total beverage” strategy within the C-store channel.

Szmell the Flavor: Scent-Based Water SZENT Launches Online

The Los Angeles-based brand, which officially launches exclusively on Amazon today, uses a ring around the neck of each 20 oz BPA free PET bottle made from a polymer infused with natural oils that replicate the experience of drinking flavored water -- without the use of any additives to the liquid itself

Review: Truronia

Truronia is a line of USDA Organic HPP juices that feature aronia berry as its key ingredient. The product line currently includes four single serve 100 percent juice varieties including Original, Mango, Coconut, and Pineapple.

NACS 2018 Video: Fiji Takes New Paths Forward

In July, Fiji left the Keurig Dr Pepper allied brands portfolio to handle its own distribution. The transition marks the start of a new era for the premium water brand, and at NACS this month the company’s president Elizabeth Stephenson gave BevNET some insight into what the future might look like.

Taste Radio Ep. 133: The BluePrint For a Legacy of Wellness, Success and Getting a Direct Line to Howard Schultz

BluePrint founders Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss discussed the brand’s origins, early wins and struggles, and how a voicemail left by former Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz factored into their decision to sell the company. They also spoke about their experience moving into the food space with Erzo, a brand of vitamin-infused biscuits, and explained how their new podcast has provided a way to address some unfinished business.