In the Courtroom: Court Tosses Wanu Water Suit in Blow to Founder [Updated]

A lawsuit filed by Wanu Water against shareholders and former directors was dismissed last week; Monster and Coke lost a jury trial last week which ruled in favor of the family of Hubert Hansen; LaCroix maker National Beverage Corp. declared victory in a class action lawsuit after the plaintiff retracted allegations that the brand was falsely advertised as “100% natural.”

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BevNET Magazine: Ready-to-Drink Cocktails See Sizeable Growth As Drinking Habits Change

For some time now, the analytic mantra ‘drinking less, but drinking better’ has been the chant du jour for both industry experts and companies. The movement, led by Millenials and Gen Z, suggests that consumers are going out less and opting for low-ABV or premium spirits and that they’re also drinking fewer drinks throughout the evening.

Review: BrightFox

BrightFox is a unique beverage concept that describes itself as a “nightlife hydration beverage for a brighter tomorrow.” The product blends vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants into six-SKU line of zero-calorie beverages packaged in 10.1 oz aluminum bottles with either a black or white matte finish.

Pop Up Grocer Expands, Offers Exposure to Emerging Brands

According to Emily Schildt, “We’re living in an age of too much stuff.” With the goal of cutting through this clutter, Schildt, a CPG marketing consultant, founded Pop Up Grocer, a traveling food and beverage brand activation spotlighting a curated selection of emerging natural brands, offering them exposure to consumers, influencers and industry professionals in a candy-colored Instagram-friendly setting.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 72: What Sparked A ‘R.E.D.D.’ Revolution? Plus, How To Stand Out With A Sweet Story.

This week’s episode focuses on how two food companies are evolving to meet the needs of modern consumers. In our first interview, we spoke with Alden Blease and Emma Frelinghuysen, the founder and CEO, respectively, of R.E.D.D. Bar, who discussed the reasons for and execution of a rebrand and reformulation. Later, we sat down with Arnold Coombs of top-selling organic maple syrup brand Coombs Family Farms, who discussed how the company has built consumer loyalty through education about the product’s health benefits along with the development of an innovative package.

PepsiCo: Q4, 2019 Results Beat Expectations as Beverage Portfolio Expands

PepsiCo beat analyst expectations in its fourth quarter and full year 2019 earnings report yesterday, with its beverage division posting its growth rate since 2015. The company overall reported Q4 net revenue growing 5.7% to $20.64 billion and 3.9% for the full year to $67.16 billion; meanwhile, organic revenue grew 4.5% for the full year versus 3.7% in 2018.

Venture Capitalist Chris Hollod on Why He is Investing in the ‘Alternative Alcohol’ Space

Chris Hollod wants to be known as one of the most active angel investors in the alcohol space. After about a decade of making investments with billionaire Ron Burkle and actor Ashton Kutcher, Hollod, a Los Angeles-based venture capitalist, struck out on his own in 2019 and has shifted his focus from investing in tech companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Spotify and Warby Parker, to investing in consumer packaged good companies, specifically “alternative alcohol” companies.

Review: Backyard Soda Co.

Backyard Soda Co. is a line of small-batch sodas that are made with clean ingredients and are enhanced with 15 mg of CBD per 12 oz. can. Produced in Colorado, the products are presently available in three flavors: Mango-Jalapeno, Lavender-Lemon and Ginger-Lime.

New England Patriots Receiver Julian Edelman Invests in Perfect Hydration

Edelman, a three-time Super Bowl champion, initially partnered with Perfect Hydration as a brand ambassador in June. Speaking with BevNET in January, the wide receiver said he has “always been an advocate of alkaline water,” which he credited with helping him recover quicker from workouts and games.

Soylent CEO Crowley Exits, Demir Vangelov Named as Successor

Soylent announced yesterday that CEO Bryan Crowley has been replaced, naming former CFO & COO Demir Vangelov to the chief executive role. In a blog post, Soylent chairman and co-founder Rob Rhinehart said the leadership change comes as the company looks to make changes to its strategy and product.

Elevator Talk: Yumix Offers Fresh Mixed Cocktails Utilizing Unique Packaging

Lea Feghali is the co-founder and chief brand officer at Yumix, a beverage brand with a fresh proposition for cocktail consumers. Instead of offering a premixed ready-to-drink cocktail, the brand’s unique packaging gives the user the experience and ability to mix spirits and fruit juice immediately before consuming.

Review: Tama Tea

Tama Tea is a line of zero calorie sparkling green tea made without sweeteners, extracts, concentrates or natural flavors. The product line features three varieties and the products are packaged in 12 oz. cans, with 35 mg of caffeine in each.