Coke To Discontinue Tab In Next Round of SKU Cuts

Sugar-free soda Tab, the first diet cola released by The Coca-Cola Company, is the latest brand to be discontinued as part of the company’s ongoing purge of underperforming ‘zombie’ brands.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 102: How Do You Build A Giant-Killer? Start With Peas.

Nick Desai, founder & CEO of pea-based snack brand Peatos, spoke about why he’s taking direct aim at legacy junk food brands, how to achieve meaningful scale amid consumer skepticism about better-for-you snacking, why he believes that he’s doing the right thing regardless of the brand’s chances for success and his perspective that the American dream “is still very much alive.”

Fitness Company Peloton Files to Cancel Cascara Tea Brand’s Beverage Trademark

Cascara tea company Peloton is enlisting public support for its fight against a petition filed by fitness technology company Peloton Interactive to cancel its trademark for coffee-based beverages. The tea company launched a GoFundMe page this week to assist with legal costs as it prepares to challenge a Petition for Cancellation the fitness company filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week.

SFA Cancels Winter Fancy Food Show

In an email today the Specialty Food Association announced the cancellation of the organization’s 2021 Winter Fancy Food Show, which was to be held in San Francisco on January 17-19. The annual trade show and conference highlights food and beverage producers targeting the specialty food channel.

Something New Under the Cap: Functional ‘Pops’ Take on Soda

A slate of low calorie, functional products bearing the hallmarks of classic sodas has begun hitting the shelves nationwide. Generally focused on promoting gut health through the addition of pre- and probiotics, these products are still young and not wholly proven, but strong sales momentum and institutional interest suggest they may have the potential to become a viable new subcategory.

Bare Bones Moves Beyond Bone Broth With Instant Creamer Launch

After evolving from frozen to shelf-stable and instant bone broth offerings, Bare Bones has unveiled its latest pivot: SuperPowder collagen-enhanced instant creamer. The launch comes as the brand plans a further push into beverage products; with the ultimate goal to become a broadly recognized premium nutrition company.

BevNET 2020 Best Of Awards: Submit Your Nominations

Each year, BevNET’s annual Best Of awards honor companies, brands, individuals, products, ideas and trends from across the dynamic and ever-changing beverage landscape. For the first time, the annual BevNET awards are accepting nominations for 2020. A nomination guarantees the person, company or product submitted will be considered for the category chosen by the nominator. All nominations will be categorized and published on once the application period closes.

Sweet Reason Expands CBD Portfolio With ‘Evening Blend’ Line

CBD sparkling water maker Sweet Reason is expanding its platform as a relaxation-driven beverage brand with today’s launch of Evening Blend, a new line of adaptogen-infused beverages containing 30 mg of broad spectrum hemp CBD per bottle.