Review: Jones Birthday Cake Soda

Jones Soda’s Birthday Cake Soda is a limited-edition variety that was designed to commemorate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Since it’s also BevNET’s 20th anniversary and Jones Soda was one of the first startup brands that we covered, we figured it was appropriate to give this a try.

Reboot: New CEO, Investor Group Take The Reins at Life Juice

Life Juice founder Ety Deutsch is still the face of the cold-pressed, high pressure processed juice brand, but a new investment team and CEO are now at the helm and they’ve pushed the reset button on distribution and retail placement.

Review: Revive Kombucha – New 10 oz. Bottles

Revive Kombucha has shifted to a new 10 oz. bottle as its primary package. While the original 16 oz. swing-top bottle has its time and place, this is just a much slicker looking and more practical format.

Video: Cocktail Mixers, Craft Soda Shine at 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

Yes, the Fancy Food Show has evolved. Yes, it now attracts food and beverage products not traditionally viewed as “specialty.” But make no mistake: the event is still a showcase for decadent and unique flavors, and the 2016 winter edition didn’t disappoint.

Review: MatchaBar

MatchaBar, a small chain of matcha cafes based in New York City, has launched a new line of ready-to-drink beverages. MatchaBar's eponymous product line comes in three varieties -- original, fuji apple ginger and peach, each containing two grams of ceremonial grade matcha.

Golazo Ceases Operations

Golazo founder and CEO Richard Tait said that despite continued growth of the brand in natural and conventional grocery channels as well as a loyal customer base, the company hadn’t reached profitability and was unable to secure the capital necessary to “take it to the next level.”

Hiball’s Todd Berardi Introduces Alta Palla

Having extended Hiball into caffeinated coconut water, cold brew coffee and protein drinks, Berardi is set to launch a new line of caffeine-free refreshment drinks as well.

Review: Monfefo

Packaged in a 1.7 oz. shot bottle, Monfefo (‘mon-fee-fo’) is a high pressure processed (HPP) blend of that is made with three simple organic ingredients: ginger, lemon, and honey. The result is something that’s flavorful and intense, but also very fresh tasting.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 Recap

The further use of coconut as an ingredient (beyond just its juice) was one recurring trend that could be seen across a handful of brands and categories, from established leaders to first-time exhibitors.

2016 Winter Fancy Food Show: New Product Photo Gallery

In the following gallery, culled from our social media coverage of the Fancy Food Show, we offer a comprehensive look at new products and brand updates from beverage companies exhibiting at the event.