Kombucha Develops On-Premise In Portland

Whether it’s presenting kombucha as a base for cocktails, disrupting self-service growler fills, or elevating the social atmosphere around the drink, Portland-based brands are helping kombucha evolve into a sophisticated, multi-faceted drink with plenty of on-premise appeal.

Review: Wandering Bear Cold Brew

For now, Wandering Bear is offering a single variety, Straight Black, which is, as the name suggests, straight USDA Organic and Fair Trade cold-brew coffee that doesn’t have any added sweeteners or flavorings.

HiTouch Distribution Digging Deep in Southern California

Two and a half years in, HiTouch services all 52 Whole Foods throughout the Southern California region, including parts of Arizona and Nevada, as well as other natural supermarkets such as Mothers Market, Jimbo’s, and Bristol Farms. The company has also crafted a diverse portfolio of craft food and beverage brands.

LifeAid Making Gains In Transition to Retail

Over the first half of 2017, LifeAid landed several major retail placements in the natural and conventional grocery channel, part of the company's transition from an e-commerce-focused business model to one that includes a stronger presence in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Review: Bizzy Coffee Shots

While Bizzy aren’t the only cold-brew coffee to migrate into shot form, they have certainly done a great job of crafting something that’s well executed.

Bulletproof Launches First RTD Coffee

Bulletproof is shooting exclusively into Whole Foods nationwide with its first ready-to-drink line of cold brew butter coffees, a long rumored expansion from the company’s ground coffee and cafe business.

Coke and McDonald’s Launch McCafé RTD Line

McDonald’s USA announced yesterday a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, Inc. to introduce ready-to-drink versions of its McCafé line of coffee frappes to retailers in early 2018.

New Beverage Showdown 14: Put Your Beverage in the Hot Seat

The hottest new beverage brands will take the BevNET Live Winter 2017 stage for the 14th edition of the New Beverage Showdown. BevNET’s signature beverage brand pitch competition will return to the winter conference in Santa Monica on December 4th and 5th.

Bevi Offers Sound Tea As First Brand Partnership

Bevi now offers two SKUs — green tea and rose tea — from Sound as options within its system. Launched in late July, the partnership marks Bevi’s first affiliation with an independent beverage brand.

People Moves: Soylent Co-Founder Moves On

Soylent co-founder and chief technology officer John Coogan has left the company to pursue independent consulting; Long Island Iced Tea Corp. brings on Rob Stefanizzi; Shawn Sugarman leaves Moon Juice; Sidney Horn joins Halen Brands

Review: La Colombe Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte

Most third wave, independent, and premium coffee roasters have tried to steer clear of pumpkin spice, so it’s somewhat against the grain for La Colombe to attempt this. That means that there’s additional pressure on to make it something really special.

Juicero Says It’s Shutting Down

A letter posted on the company's web site today explained that the company was shutting down due to the infrastructure challenges in "creating an effective manufacturing and distribution system for a nationwide consumer base."