Cruise Beverage Partners With ShowMe Beverages

Cruise Beverage has partnered with ShowMe Beverages to bring their lineup to Missouri, beginning in August 2021. Cruise Beverage will be sending their full lineup of nitro infused craft CBD beverages and will be available statewide in cans and draft, as applicable.

Takeover Industries Inc. Launched A Signature Can For Its NXT LVL Product Line With Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao said, “NXT LVL Hydrogen Spring Water is my secret weapon for fast recovery & natural increased energy during training.” In addition to serving as a Senator of the Philippines, Pacquiao is also the founder of the Manny Pacquiao Foundation (MPF), a California based non-profit, fighting for those less fortunate and spreading hope around the world.

The Pickle Juice Company Announces New Manufacturing Facility

Pickle Juice announced the completion of their brand new, 66,000 sq ft production facility, more than six times the size of their previous space. Designed to optimize production and meet increased consumer demand, the facility presents an opportunity for significant national and global growth throughout 2021.

291 Colorado Whiskey Expands Nationally And Internationally

291 Colorado Whiskey continues its rapid growth with broad distribution in five new markets including Georgia, the home state of 291 Owner and Founding Distiller Michael Myers and Tennessee where Myers also has family roots. The award-winning whiskies will also roll out widely to Las Vegas and international markets - Canada and Germany. 

Plants By People Debuts With Organic, Plant-Based Drinkable Tonics

Plants By People, a new plant-based food company that unites ancient wisdom with modern science, has launched its first line of products – plant-based tonic beverages. Each single-serve powdered tonic is made entirely of organic plants, herbs, and botanicals, thoughtfully combined to maximize nutritional benefits and restore natural balance.

Office Hours: As Food Service Comes Back, How Has It Changed?

Office Hours returns today with a look into the state of the food service channel as a revenue and visibility outlet for food and beverage entrepreneurs. BevNET Editor in Chief Jeff Klineman was joined by Rooted Food Sales’ Matt Cotton and Clay Lichterman of Kodiak Cakes to explore the ways the Covid-19 pandemic cut into food service opportunities and the slow road back for many institutional accounts.

GURU Organic Energy Deploys The GURU Good Crew To Clean Up Canadian Landscape

GURU Organic Energy Corp., Canada’s leading organic energy drink brand, has been making the most of the Canadian summertime, leading a nationwide community clean-up initiative. From Halifax to Vancouver, the GURU Good Crew, created specifically for the occasion, has been giving back to nature and the environment.

Vitamin Energy Launches First Responders 1:1 Giveback Program

Vitamin Energy, the most convenient way to nourish your body with vitamins while boosting your energy for up to 7+ hours, is proud to announce that effective immediately, every purchase made provides a one-for-one Vitamin Energy grant to provide first responders throughout the country with Vitamin Energy shots.