Supplier News

Dolium Kegs Announce New Additions to Management Team

By offering a user friendly, cost-efficient alternative to stainless steel kegs, Dolium solves the problems many beverages producers face with the high costs of low-rotation markets and long-distance shipping.

Frutarom Opens Innovation Lab

The innovation lab will focus on developing all-natural ingredients for the global food and beverage industry.

Imbibe Releases Second Proprietary Ingredient That Masks Off-Notes

Imbibe announced today the launch of NonSense, a line of clean-label flavor masking ingredients for food and beverages. The development of NonSense comes on the heels of the success of Imbibe’s first proprietary ingredient, SweetSense.

NP Nutra Releases 2 Organic Green Ingredients

Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals Corp (NP Nutra), a leading wholesale supplier of premium nutraceutical ingredients in the US, is celebrating Earth Day this year by adding two new organic green ingredients to their growing Nutra Organics line of premium products.

JBT’s Launches New Vacuum-Assisted High-Precision Granular Filler

With demand for beverages that contain chunky fruit pieces on the increase, the VAHP Granular Filler provides processors with a solution that uses a vacuum pocket system to remove unwanted carrying liquid. In addition to measuring pockets, a focused blowout system is used to achieve gentle emptying of the pocket and accurate filling.

Tetra Pak Debuts Membrane Scope

Using a waterproof recording video inspection camera and a 20-meter-long probe to visually identify the source of failure, the patent-pending Tetra Pak Membrane Scope provides visual confirmation of the source of poor permeate quality and product loss in spiral-wound filtration systems.

SPINS Acquires FoodFacts Inc.

SPINS, the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics, and consulting for the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Products Industries, has acquired FoodFacts Inc., the leading consumer awareness platform for transparency into nutrition data, ingredients, allergens, and sensitivities.

Smart Vision Lights Introduces LLM LED Light Manager

To address the lighting control needs of multi-light machine vision solutions, including photometric 3D and multispectral systems, Smart Vision Lights is pleased to announce its programmable LED Light Manager (LLM) and associated light kits.

Overnight Labels Gives Website a Makeover

Over the last few months Overnight Labels has worked hard to update the company’s website. The site has a more modern and fresh look with an enhanced design and added information to help visitors better understand the intricacies of custom labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and prototypes.

MGP Makes Commitment to Renewable Energy

MGP, a leading U.S. supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches, has embarked on a major renewable energy initiative, committing to sourcing 100 percent of their electricity needs from renewable wind power.

HRS Heat Exchangers Releases the Unicus Series

The Unicus from HRS Heat Exchangers has been specifically designed to provide unrivalled heat transfer with a wide range of difficult beverage products including fruit and vegetable smoothies, syrups, juices and extracts including coffee and malt.