Supplier News

Get Drinks Delivered Surpasses 1,000 Merchants

Alcohol delivery and curbside pick-up have become the new buzz words in the drinks business community and Beverage Trade Network’s new platform Get Drinks Delivered just focused on that at…

Singapore Approves SweeGen’s Rebs D and E

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. – Asia-Pacific brands now have access to an expanded portfolio of sugar reduction solutions with the approval of SweeGen’s Bestevia Rebs D and E in Singapore,…

Mile High Food Science Launches New R&D Facility for Wellness Beverages in Colorado

Mile High Food Science is expanding its operations by launching a new R&D facility in Denver, Colorado, and establishing a commercial office in Los Angeles, California, as part of its new agreement with Aseppak Global based on their 18 years of trajectory in developing food and beverages nationally and internationally. 

Applied Food Sciences Receives GRAS “No Comment” Letter for AMATEA Organic Guayusa Extract

Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has taken another great step in furthering the safety and validation of its AMATEA organic guayusa extract by presenting its GRAS dossier to the Food and Drug Administration for review. AMATEA is a branded guayusa extract that uses a patented extraction process to highlight the caffeine and antioxidants naturally occurring in guayusa leaves to provide premium, organic energy.

Pharmactive Biotech Launches Carbon Bean Extract Blend CSAT+

MADRID — Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L., launches CSAT+®, a unique, bioactive blend of carob bean extracts with a synergetic effect. Two animal studies, one published last April, have demonstrated positive…