Brand Profile: Premier Protein Looks to Expand Audience With New Marketing Campaign, Product Launches

Premier Protein is gearing up for what it hopes could be its biggest year yet as the ready-to-drink protein shake brand looks to expand its audience and drive growth with more than just “fan evangelism.” The brand kicked off the year with the launch of a new marketing campaign (including its first-ever TV spot) to support its protein shake product line and will be rolling out a slate of new products to retailers in the coming months.

Pepsi Zero Sugar Unveils New Can Design

Pepsi Zero Sugar was one of the fastest growing soda brands in the U.S. in 2019 and it is primed for an even bigger year in 2020 with a new look and new attitude.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 68: How This Super Bowl Winner Is Tackling Disruption In The Drinks Space

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by former NFL star Matt Light and Bill Dessel, the co-founders of sessionable spirit brand Keel Vodka. As part of our conversation, Light explained why despite ruthless competition as a professional football player, entrepreneurship “is more challenging than it ever would be on the playing field.” He and Dessel also discussed how they overcame initial regulatory hurdles, the benefits of a local distribution strategy, and why “living the lifestyle” is critical for brand ambassadors.

KEEL Vodka Launches KEEL Sparkling, a New Premium Hard Seltzer

KEEL Vodka, the world’s first premium light spirit, has announced the launch of KEEL Sparkling, a vodka-based hard seltzer crafted with the perfect blend of premium KEEL potato vodka, soda water and all-natural lemon-lime and grapefruit flavors.

In California, CBD Brands Await Legislative Relief

If it is passed and signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, as is widely expected to happen within weeks, California Assembly Bill 228 will declare that foods, beverages and cosmetics made with industrial hemp should not be considered as adulterated. Until that occurs, however, brands and retailers in Southern California still face an uncertain existence from day to day.

MatchaBar Puts ‘Hustle’ First in Rebrand

Two years after the launch of its sparkling energy drink Hustle, New York-based startup MatchaBar is introducing new branding and flavors for the line, now called “Hustle by MatchaBar.” The revamped products will feature new labelling and be split into two product lines: Hustle Energy and Hustle Tea.

Elevator Talk: Sofee Adopts Gypsy Brewing Model for Carbonated Cold Brew Coffee Line

Chad Hazen, founder of Sofee, is focused on developing refreshing beverages, but his approach is not that ordinary. Hazen combines the two popular categories of cold brew coffee and soft drinks to create a curious offering that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream consumer yet, but he’s ok with that. To create the product Hazen is leveraging his relationships with breweries across the U.S. to employ the “gypsy brewing model” common in the beer industry.

Slapjack Jackfruit Vodka Announces Launch

SLAPJACK is a sure hit as a shooter, particularly chilled, with delicious flavors of mango, banana, pineapple, orange and peach (plus a déjà vu flavor profile you know you’ve had before, but just can’t place - until you do).

C4 Announces Costco Partnership

C4, America's number-one pre-workout brand and fastest-growing performance energy drink, is proud to announce that carbonated C4 is now available at Costco.