Juicero Under Pressure After Internet Wringing

The home juicer/foodtech startup, which famously raised $120 million in venture capital funding, seemed to be soaring for the stars. But as they say on the internet, life comes at you fast -- and the internet came at Juicero at the speed of life this week.

Jones Soda Green Apple Now Available on Fountain at 7-Eleven

Jones Soda Co., a leader in the premium soda category and known for its unique branding and innovative marketing, today announced that Green Apple Cane Sugar Soda will be available as part of the BIG GULP program at approximately 400 Pacific Northwest 7-Eleven locations.

MOJO Cold Brewed Coffee Announces Price Drop and New Partnerships

The New England-based coffee company completed construction of a brewing and bottling facility in Beverly, Massachusetts at the end of last year. It is passing on production efficiencies in the form of lower prices to its business partners.

FuelGood Protein Announces New Packaging

FuelGood Protein LLC, a HPP ready-to-drink protein, has rolled out a new packaging design to highlight the natural, premium ingredients packed in each of its four flavors: Toasted Cinnamon Vanilla, Thin Mint Cacao, Espresso Caramel and Matcha Cardamom.

Bloomery Introduces America’s First All-Natural Green Liqueur

Bloomery Plantation Distillery, known for SweetShine, its line of moonshine-based cocktail liqueurs, is releasing the first flavor in its new line of premium liqueurs that are designed specifically for mixologists who are looking for the ultimate enhancer for their drinks.

Beach Whiskey Company Gains National Distribution

The Beach Whiskey Company announced it has secured distribution agreements that will provide 100% coverage in the United States for Beach Whiskey and American Harvest Organic Vodka.

Long Island Iced Tea Corp. Announces Big Geyser Distribution Partnership

Big Geyser will be the exclusive distributor of the Company's flagship iced tea and lemonade with a splash of tea 18 oz. bottle products in the metro New York region. The new partnership will become effective on April 24, 2017 and cover the five boroughs of NYC, Westchester, Putnam, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Califia Farms Launches Multi-Serve ‘Pure Black’ Cold Brew Coffee

Pure Black poises the company to once again disrupt the retail refrigerator case to the advantage of both retailers and consumers, this time with a refreshing, single-strength coffee, bottled in its signature curvy 48 oz carafe and made exclusively with Direct Trade-sourced Brazilian coffee.

B’more Organic Announces East Coast Expansion

B’more Organic, makers of organic Icelandic-style yogurt protein smoothies, announces distribution expansion into three retailers along the East Coast. The Baltimore-based company has secured placement in select Ingles’ Market, Weis Market and Top’s Friendly Markets.

Juicero Expands Availability to One-Third Of U.S.

Recently offered in California, Nevada and Arizona only, the first-of-its-kind juicing system is now available in select cities across 17 states that span from the West Coast to as far east as Louisiana. With this expansion, Juicero is realizing its mission to make it easier for more consumers to incorporate a healthy habit into their everyday routine.