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Taste Radio Insider Ep. 13: The Keys to Creating a New Category; How This Nation Won It All

GT’s Living Foods founder GT Dave discussed why being an “artistic sponge” supported the company’s development, spoke about his approach to working with competitors and emphasized the importance of authenticity. Also: an interview with Karen Nation, the founder/CEO of no-bake protein bar mix brand Creation Nation, which was victorious in NOSH’s Live Pitch Slam 5.

Review: Koia Keto

Koia, maker of non-GMO verified plant-based nutrition beverages, is expanding its portfolio with a three-flavor line of ketogenic (keto) protein drinks.

Review: Trusol 5:30 Daily Metabolic Elixir

5:30 Daily Metabolic Elixir is the first product from New York-based brand Trusol. Available in a single SKU, the USDA Organic product contains functional ingredients for energy and metabolic benefits.

Taste Radio Ep. 142: Humm Kombucha CEO Jamie Danek On The Number One Thing Good Leaders Must Do

Danek spoke about how she grew into the role of CEO of Humm and the most important thing she learned along the way. She also explained why launching the brand during a recession actually worked, discussed the importance of Bend, Ore. to the company, and how relationships were key to its landmark deal with Target, one that made Humm just the second national kombucha brand.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 12: On The Brink of Collapse, How Aloha Found Its Footing; Why Tea + Hops = Victory

Aloha, a brand of organic, plant-based protein bars and powders, was on the brink of saying goodbye to the market. In an interview, we spoke with Aloha CEO Brad Charron about how he developed and executed a turnaround for the brand after joining the company in 2017, and why addressing issues with company culture was critical to his mission. We also meet with Dean Eberhardt and Andrew Markley, the co-founders of HopTea, who were victorious in BevNET Live’s New Beverage Showdown 16.

Review: VYBES

Vybes is a line of ready-to-drink beverages that contain 15 mg of hemp CBD per 14 oz. bottle. The product is currently offered in five flavors, of which three are still and two are sparkling.

Elevator Talk: Lost Coast Roast Organic Cold Brew is Focused on Sustainability

Johnny Miller, the owner and co-founder of Lost Coast Roast, is focused on producing fair-trade, organic cold brewed coffee sourced from sustainable, shade-grown farms. The family business is rooted in Northern California and incorporates locally sourced milk from Humboldt Creamery as one of the four ingredients in its cold brew.

Review: Synapse Natural Cognitive Boost

Launched in September, Synapse is a caffeine free ready-to-drink supplement that is designed to boost mental performance, focus, and energy. The product is available in a single SKU.

Taste Radio Ep. 141: How Late July Founder Nicole Dawes Turned a Niche Into a $100 Million Business

Dawes joined Taste Radio for a conversation chronicling her entrepreneurial journey, from childhood to her decision to launch Late July Snacks to its eventual sale. She also explained why staying independent early on and maintaining voting control of her company saved it from potential downfall and told a remarkable story about her first sales call.

Review: Sweet Reason Sparkling Water with CBD

Sweet Reason is a new sparkling water enhanced with 7 mg of cannabidiol (CBD). The product is produced in Canada, contain 5 calories per 12 oz. bottle and is available in three unsweetened flavors:, Grapefruit, Cucumber + Mint, and Strawberry + Lavender.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 11: We’re Talking BevNET Live, British Booch & Moju Juice

Exploring the evolving market for food and beverage in the U.K. from the perspective of two London-based entrepreneurs: Jarr Kombucha co-founder Adam Vanni and Moju Drinks co-founder Rich Goldsmith. Also in this episode: the hosts discussed notable moments and presentations from day one of BevNET Live Winter 2018.