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Taste Radio Ep. 100: How The Future of Food Will Be Shaped by Blockchain, Brokers & Beer

Alpha Food Labs founder Mike Lee sees the future of food through the lens of personalized nutrition and experiential marketing; Launchpad founder Jeremy Smith on why brands shouldn’t let their brokers do all the talking, especially at Costco; pints and perspective on beer from Mr. Guinness; taking a lift with the Spindrift of hard seltzer. This episode is presented by Top Health Ingredients.

Review: Vita Coco Coconut Water

Vita Coco’s Pressed Coconut variety is a product announced for the 2018 Natural Products Expo West show. Unlike their other offerings, which have, aside from Coco Community, come in the form of flavored coconut water, this product relies exclusively on coconut for its flavor profile.

Review: Califia Probiotic Non-Dairy Yogurt Drinks

Announced in late February, Califia’s Yogurt Drinks lineup feature the company’s proprietary “Califia Culture Blend” (in place of traditional dairy-based yogurt) and will include four varieties: Unsweetened Plain, Mango, Super Berry, and Strawberry.

Review: Blume Honey Water

Blume Honey Water is a line of beverages that are made with “100% bee-friendly honey” positioned as delivering “elegant energy” and “artisanal hydration.”

Taste Radio Ep. 99: How to Crush It at Expo West; Rhythm Superfoods’ CEO on The Two Traits You Need to Succeed.

Stubb’s co-founder/Rhythm Superfoods’ CEO Scott Jensen on why respect for capital, competition is critical to success; how The New Primal founder Jason Burke persevered with his paleo brand despite early missteps; why Hello Delicious is seeking the “middle seat” between healthy and indulgence; Kerry Song croons about her vegan meat brand The Abbot’s Butcher. This episode is presented by The Maple Guild.

Review: Amaz Superplants Elixir

Amaz Superplants Elixir is a line of all natural beverages that is current available in three flavors: Here We Go, Take it Easy, and It’s All Good.

Review: Qii Oral Care Drink

Qii is an oral care dietary supplement drink that features tea, a pH level of 7, and a proprietary ingredient called XyVita that’s made with xylitol.

Review: Green-Go Organic Cactus Water

Green-Go Organic Cactus Water is an unsweetened zero-calorie beverage that is made with Nopal cactus puree. It’s also features lemon juice for a “hint of lemon” as its only flavor modifier.

Review: GT’s VeggieKefir Living Probiotic Shots

GT’s is a brand name that is synonymous with kombucha, but the company is trying to branch out within their lane of fermented living food and beverages. One of their most recent products, VeggieKefir, is also one of their most ambitious and assertive when it comes to its flavor profile.

Review: Lazy Bear Cascara Tea

Lazy Bear is a line of cascara, which, as we’ve explained in reviews of other cascara beverages, is a product brewed using the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. The product is currently available in three flavors, two of which have no added sugar: Natural, Mint, and Lemon Agave.

Taste Radio Ep. 97: REBBL CEO O’Loughlin: Leadership Guided By Constant Experimentation, Compassion

Why REBBL CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin believes a business’ ability to constantly evolve and to take a progressive approach to the times can spell the difference between success or failure; Taking an omnichannel approach to fresh and organic with Urban Remedy CEO Paul Coletta; How Kabaki Purple Tea fuses innovation and social mission. This episode is presented by The Good Crisp Company.

Review: The Water Kefir People

The Water Kefir People is a Bend, Ore. based company with a line of organic handcrafted probiotic beverages that were designed with the intention of being an “option for the whole family.”