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Review: Superior Switchel

Superior Switchel is a line of USDA Organic certified carbonated apple cider vinegar (ACV) and ginger beverages. There are currently three flavors available: Lavender Lemon Lift, Honey Cinnamon Kick, and Orange Maple Splash.

Review: Black Medicine Lavender Latte

Black Medicine’s Lavender Latte is the latest flavor from this line of ready-to-drink cold-pressed coffee. Announced in August, Black Medicine is adding this variety to complement their existing Iced Coffee, Mocha, and Latte SKUs.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 1: How Country Archer Turned Rejection Into a Multi-Million Dollar Idea

In Episode 1 of Taste Radio Insider, a new podcast focused on news, trends and innovation in business of food and beverage, we’re joined by Eugene Kang, the co-founder and CEO of fast-growing meat snack brand Country Archer. In our interview, Kang explained how perseverance and thinking outside-the-box have paid huge dividends for the brand. We also discussed trends and innovation in notable beverage categories, including RTD coffee and alt-dairy, as seen at Natural Products Expo East 2018.

Review: Sovany Sparkling Water

Sovany is a new line of fruit-flavored sparkling water that is made with real fruit juice. Launching with three flavors -- Remarkable Raspberry, Ingenious Apple, and Brilliant Tangerine -- Sovany features a touch of sweetness from added juices.

Elevator Talk: Mansi Brings Exotic Citrus to U.S. Consumers

MANSI’s mission is to bring calamansi to the U.S. consumer base through its premium citrus beverage. CEO Charles Medenilla describes the superfruit as tart and sweet, and high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Review: Big Easy Bucha’s “Lil’ Easy” Kombucha Shots

Earlier this summer, New Orleans-based Big Easy Bucha extended its product portfolio with a new line of concentrated kombucha shots. The product aims to offer the probiotic benefits of kombucha in a format that is smaller and quicker to consume.

Taste Radio Ep. 130: A Groundbreaking Fashion, Food & Cannabis Entrepreneur On What it Takes to Stay Ahead of the Game

Marci Zaroff, who over the past three decades has helped change the way we dress, eat and live, joins the podcast this week. Hear why she’s urging companies to incorporate ethical sourcing and sustainability into their brand strategies, discussed the “perpetual yo-yo” of entrepreneurship, and shared her take on the budding business of cannabis.

HydroOne Announces Jim Bundren as Director of Retail Sales

Mr. Bundren's last position was as PepsiCo North American Nutrition Director of Sales and Operations, West Division where he managed a team of Operations and Sales Managers for Walmart and regional grocery, totaling $2.1 Billion in operations and retail execution.


As announced in August, WTRMLN WTR is getting into the sports drink category with the launch of WTRMLNSLCE. The move not only diversifies the company’s offerings, but it also puts it into a much higher velocity category than it has existed in previously.

Review: Welch’s Sparkling Plus Energy

Welch's Sparkling + Energy is “looking to reimagine the energy drink category around great taste," but, unfortunately, that's about the last thing that this product introduction does for the either the category or for the company.

Review: La Colombe Nitro Cold Brew Shandy

La Colombe’s latest offering is a nitrogen-infused blend of coffee and lemonade, which is the company’s first product to feature citrus.

Elevator Talk: Wonder+Well Innovates to Keep Kids Healthy and Hydrated

Wonder+Well, an organic fruit-essence water for kids, provides the lovable format of a drink box but with no sugar or sweeteners. Co-founder Gregg Lefkowitz identifies that parents are looking for healthier options that get children to drink more water, while still being fun.