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Review: Vita Coco Coconutmilk

As a category, coconut milk hasn’t been the most exciting dairy alternative option out there, at least in part due to the category having a plethora of off-tasting and poorly branded products. From our perspective, Vita Coco's product is leaps ahead of just about everything that it competes with.

Review: Caribé Juices

When we first met Caribé juices back in 2015, the company was focused on positioning their products as “Exotic” juices. While this copy still remains, it’s much smaller, and flavor profiles have evolved and been repositioned.

Review: “For Grown Ass People” Cold Brew

For Grown Ass People is a single SKU line of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that’s made using a 24-hour steeping process. While the liquid itself is enjoyable, there isn’t really a meaningful differentiation between this product’s liquid and other well-brewed small batch cold brews that we’ve sampled.

Review: Hello Water

Hello Water is a line of naturally sweetened flavored waters that contain added fiber. On the surface, this sounds pretty straightforward. However, each flavor is named with a verb: “Smile” for Mixed Berry, “Laugh” for Lemon Lime, and “Love” for Cucumber Lime, which we feel is a bit of a distraction.

Review: Immordl Nitro Super Coffee

Seeing “nitro” and “coffee” in on the front of the bottle, we were expecting something that was pretty typical of that particular category. But that’s far from the case.

Review: Stumptown Sparkling Cold Brews Mix Up Some Incredible Flavor

Born from experimentation at their cafes, Stumptown’s latest effort is, at least in our opinion, its most innovative and audacious offering to date. On the surface, the concept of blending carbonation with cold brew might not sound that exciting, but what it has created is much more interesting.

Review: Califia Farms Goes Organic with Homestyle Nut Milks

With multiple product launches already in 2017, Califia Farms is a company that has been on a seemingly never-ending cycle of innovation. One of those new offerings is the company’s first USDA Organic nut milks, which they’ve called “Homestyle.”

Review: Temple Turmeric’s Expanded Shot Lineup

Much to our excitement, Temple Turmeric recently announced that they were expanding the shot lineup to include three flavors: Turmeric Shot, Red Ginger Shot, and Fire Shot. Like all of Temple Turmeric’s products, these flavors are loaded with great stuff.

Review: Fogdog “Hydrodynamic” Cold Brew Tea & Coffee

Fogdog is Bay Area-based startup that is launching the industry’s first hydrodynamic cold brew coffee and tea. What is hydrodynamic cold brew and how is it any different from any other cold brew out there?

Review: Pressery Sparkling Drinking Vinegars

Like the rest of Pressery’s product offerings, these are USDA Organic certified and feature a straightforward list of ingredients. Each is made with water, cold-pressed juice (9-14 percent), coconut vinegar, and maple for sweetness.

Review: Lucky Jack Chocolate Blackout

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, new cold brew varieties need meaningful differentiation to stand out from the dozens coming to market. Lucky Jack is conscious of this need, too. Its latest effort, “Chocolate Blackout,” infuses cold-brew coffee with nitrogen and flavors it with cocoa.

Review: Vim Vitae Takes On a Summertime Classic

Dallas, Tex.-based Vim Vitae, which, earlier this year rebranded itself, has added a new line to its portfolio of high pressure processed cold-pressed juices: Limeades.