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BevNET Live Breakouts: Investment Insights, RTD Spirits, CBD, Growth Strategies

It’s time to choose your own adventure. The BevNET Live Breakout Sessions on Monday, December 9, provide attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics that are important to their businesses. With two rounds of sessions, innovation experts will outline market opportunities in cannabis, the movement to low- and no-alcohol “cocktails” and other drinks, and also the growth of RTD spirits. On the execution side, companies approaching their growth spurt will appreciate talks about developing marketing and sales teams while in the middle of scaling. For those interested in their next funding round, a pair of panels will discuss preparing the company for a deal process and the elements of valuation.

Longer and more informal, BevNET Live’s Breakout Sessions are a great way for attendees to soak in additional information and insights, while providing opportunities for quality, extended Q & A periods.

Session 1 Breakouts 2:00 PM – 2:40 PM

The CBD and THC Brand Opportunities

What can we learn from brands who have jumped into the cannabis business in both the CBD and THC space? What’s the best approach to a commercial and dispensary strategy, and what does it tell us about the direction of innovation overall? Eric Schnell, the CEO of Mood33, Kenny Morrison, the CEO of Venice Cookie Company Brands, and Robert Drew, the Chief Growth Officer at Docklight Brands, will tap into their experiences from the trenches.

Accessing the Low/No/Hybrid Market

Utilizing beverage alcohol data presented by IWSR’s Brandy Rand, investor insights from First Beverage Ventures’ Kristin Bareuther, and the brand perspective from DRY Soda Co.’s Sharelle Klaus, we’ll explore the low and no alcohol market that is growing due to health conscious consumers.

Building Market Strategy While Scaling

Eric Berniker is a longtime marketing executive for fast-growth beverage brands, and he’ll bring advice for scaling the team and the brand on the fly while developing strong marketing messages with a stepped-up budget.

Investment Insight: Pre-Market Cleanup

Investment, finance and marketing experts including Brian Goldberg, a longtime consumer products CFO and investor, Robert Brown, the Managing Director of Encore Consumer Capital, and Arthur Gallego, the Founder of communications firm Gallego & Co., will walk beverage brands through the cleanup that must be done prior to approaching investors.

Session 2 Breakouts 2:50 PM – 3:30 PM

The Elements of Flavor Masking

Using a functional ingredient that doesn’t have an appealing taste? Flavor experts from Kerry Ingredients will dive into the technical formulation of beverage products and how to mask specific flavors.

RTD Spirits: Category Opportunity Briefing

Along with a group of canned spirits companies, Brandy Rand, the COO of Americas, IWSR, will dive into alcoholic beverage market data, and specifically pay attention to the growth of the RTD spirits sector, providing insights into opportunities for beverage brands looking at the space.

Building Sales Teams While Scaling

Blair Cornish, the SVP Sales for Vive Organic, will provide her best practices when building a sales team — and how those practices change as your beverage company grows.

Investment Insight: Valuations and Investor Interest

Whipstitch Capital’s Mike Burgmaier will walk entrepreneurs through the elements of valuation for brands that are putting themselves on the market for investment or purchase, while veteran investors Brian Goldberg and Robert Brown will discuss the way valuations factor into their funding decisions as they evaluate brands.

The two-day agenda that surrounds the Breakout Sessions includes mainstage presentations from companies such as La Colombe, Chobani, Brew Dr. Kombucha and KeHE. It also features the two-hour BevNET Live Expo, Official After Party powered by ForceBrands, Livestream Studio, sampling and networking.

Additional opportunities for emerging brands include New Beverage Showdown 18, the leading beverage business pitch competition, and Beverage School, and educational session the day prior to the main conference on Sunday, December 8.

More than 650 beverage industry executives from 350+ companies have already registered. Join them at BevNET Live Winter 2019 on December 9th and 10th. The event is only 24 days away and time is running out to register.

Questions about the BevNET Live conference can be directed to Jon Landis, our Senior Brand Specialist. Conference sponsorship opportunities are available for companies seeking additional industry exposure.

About BevNET Live

BevNET Live Winter 2019 will return to the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif. on December 9th and 10th. A Beverage School for industry newcomers will also be held on Sunday, December 8th at no additional cost.

BevNET Live is the premiere event for beverage brands, distributors, service providers, retailers and investors to discuss what’s next for the industry. With the industry’s foremost speakers and our New Beverage Showdown, BevNET Live attracts hundreds of brands to each event.