BevNET Live: Explore Sustainable Profit Growth with Tetra Pak CEO Michael Zacka

BevNET is delighted to announce that Michael Zacka, the President and CEO of Tetra Pak North America, will be speaking at the upcoming BevNET Live event in Manhattan.

Mr. Zacka, who has served in numerous leadership roles within Tetra Pak’s international operation, will be presenting a series of key areas for beverage companies to focus on as they seek to innovate and create sustainable profit growth. High growth companies are constantly redefining reality to their competitive advantage, according to Mr. Zacka, and for many of those companies, that newly redefined reality aligns with five major trend areas: innovation, speed, age, “glocalism” and uncertainty, all of which he will address in his talk.

According to Mr. Zacka, many beverage companies – many companies across all disciplines — are keeping to a business-as-usual approach of emphasizing growth while trying to keep costs in line. But very few of those are able to pay attention to that larger ideal of winning the future itself, to becoming the companies that define that new reality. His talk will look at key examples and characteristics of companies that are doing so, and present ways that companies in the BevNET Live audience can, as well.

About Michael Zacka

Michael Zacka is the President and CEO of Tetra Pak North America. Mr. Zacka first joined Tetra Pak in 1995 where he served as General Manager for Tetra Pak Australia’s operations. Since then he has gone on to hold several CEO positions in the company, including CEO of Tetra Pak Vietnam, Taiwan, and part of the Greater China Leadership Team.

Prior to his role as North American President and CEO, Mr. Zacka was based out of Tetra Pak’s global headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland serving as the Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, holding responsibility for the company’s core respective Product Areas and overseeing the Group’s marketing strategies for the 165 markets in which the company operates. He was appointed to President and CEO of Tetra Pak North America in September 2010.

Mr. Zacka was born in Australia and grew up in the rural farming area of Western Queensland. He graduated from Griffith University with a degree in Business and went on to obtain his MBA in Marketing. In 2001, Zacka received the Global Humanitarian Award from the Red Cross for the development of a school feeding program in Vietnam for undernourished children.

An avid sports fan, he enjoys following motor car racing and has an enthusiasm for classic automobiles.

About BevNET Live

BevNET Live is a two-day forum for beverage entrepreneurs, suppliers, distributors, retailers and investors to gather, speak, exchange ideas through interactive panels and lectures, and enhance their marketing and product development strategies. Attendees can tap the expertise of investment professionals who can help groom them to attract money, business owners with inspiring success stories, and the community, which has spent a decade dedicating itself to careful reporting on the fast-moving beverage industry. More than just a conference, BevNET LIVE includes networking options including the BevNET LIVE Expo, beverage breaks, a cocktail reception and more.

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