IZZE Founder Todd Woloson to Speak at BevNET Live

Beverage entrepreneurs, Todd Woloson knows your struggles. And lately, he’s also looked at your books.

Five years after the sale of IZZE to PepsiCo, the brand’s co-founder and former CEO Todd Woloson sits at the other side of the table, working as a managing director at Greenmont Capital Partners in Boulder, Colorado – a place where the flow of deals frequently involves the beverage world.

Woloson will share insights from the growth and sale of IZZE, and how those insights inform his process for evaluating potential beverage investments – at BevNET Live in Santa Monica this December 5 and 6.

The addition of Woloson to the BevNET Live program offers attendees the opportunity to speak with one of the most inspirational innovative beverage stories of the last decade.

Todd Woloson

The investor and serial entrepreneur put his heart, soul, cash, and daughter’s name behind the line of all-natural carbonated juices that he and Greg Stroh co-founded in 2002. With a snappy design, clever marketing, and a strong social mission tied to the non-profit Global Education Fund, IZZE quickly generated media buzz sales – and the brand became an investment and acquisition target. It went through both exciting and tough days before it was sold to PepsiCo for a reported $75 million.

Woloson’s talk during BevNET Live will present a look at the growth and sale process for a beverage company with a unique social mission and a successful exit – along with a lesson in how in informed investor will look at beverage companies that may be going through a similar series of changes.

But it also provide an incredible story of a company that helped stir the imagination of beverage entrepreneurs and investors, one that attracted new attention and energy to the beverage business just as it began to wake up to the potential for a new wave of fun, all-natural, socially conscious brands.

In addition to making a presentation on IZZE and Greenmont, Woloson will participate in a panel on the way that social mission can affect the marketing and value of a beverage brand – and how it can continue even after the founders have left. With an investor’s eye, an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm, and a philanthropist’s heart, Woloson’s participation is sure to elevate and entertain the audience for BevNET Live.

About BevNET Live

BevNET Live will return to the Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica on Dec. 5 and 6, 2011. Over the course of the two-day event, BevNET Live provides presentations from leading beverage executives, in-depth breakout sessions, a “mini-expo” of supplier and beverage exhibits, and ample networking time. The conference is attended by entrepreneurs, suppliers, distributors, retailers, investors and others who are interested in the cutting edge of the beverage business.

About Todd Woloson


Todd Woloson became a Managing Director of Greenmont Financial, LLC, in 2007 and represents Greenmont II on the Board of Directors of Eco-Products, Inc. Mr. Woloson began his career with Proctor & Gamble in 1989, but soon became a serial entrepreneur. After graduating from the University of Denver Law School in 1994, he successfully completed an environmental service rollup, which led to a career as a venture capitalist. In 1996, Mr. Woloson co-founded Canyon Capital, an early-stage venture fund. As a Managing Partner, he was intimately involved with the development of a wide range of software, Internet and consumer product companies. Also in 1996, Mr. Woloson co-founded Global Education Fund (“GEF”), a non-profit organization building libraries in developing countries. To date, GEF has created 53 libraries and literacy centers in 21 countries throughout the world. In 2002, Mr. Woloson co-founded IZZE Beverage Company. Mr. Woloson served as President and CEO of IZZE until its sale to PepsiCo in 2006 and was a recipient of the 2003 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst & Young. He received a B.A. degree from St. Lawrence University in New York and a J.D. from the University of Denver Law School.