SUMMER 2020 | JUNE 23 +24
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BevNET & NOSH Present Virtually Live: Three Adventures

Hi everyone. We know. We’ve set up Virtually Live so that there are a lot of tough choices to make about the kind of trail you want to follow through the content. So we wanted to offer up some thoughts around ways that you could maybe structure your journey through this two-day, 30-plus session event — taking place on June 23 and 24 online, on BevNET and NOSH — to tie it together.

Here are some things to know before we start, though:

  1. All of the sessions, Main Stage and Breakouts, will be recorded — so if you’re registered for the event, you’ll be able to watch them afterwards. Can’t decide between learning about Angel Investment or exploring ideas about where On-Premise sales are going? Attend one, and watch the other later.
  2. Almost all of the sessions will feature Q and A with the presenters and panelists. Some presentations will be pre-recorded, but they’ll have the presenting team available on the available chat feature to answer questions as the video plays — and then to continue the discussion live.
  3. Two of the Main Stage events will be followed by special Breakout workshops that drill down into the topics brought up during the talk: On June 23, a panel of experts — Adnan Durrani (Saffron Road); Corinne Shindelar (INFRA) and Elliott Begoun (Intertwine Group) will offer thoughts, reactions, and tactics based around the consumer and marketing insights identified by brand consultancy Black Bamboo; on June 24, David Lemley of top-flight branding firm Retail Voodoo will follow his presentation with a “brand audit” workshop featuring recent NOSH Pitch Slam contestant brand Lil Bucks with CEO Emily Griffith

So what do we recommend?

First of all, enjoy the Main Stage sessions over both days: they dive into important topics like leadership, diversity, company culture, brand and consumer. We’ll be highlighting them in other communications this week.

When it comes to breakouts, chase what’s interesting to you. They spread out over finance, retailing, innovation, marketing, education, and more. Here are three possible roadmaps through the breakouts:

Market Data: Retail and consumer information firms SPINS, IRI, Headset, and BDSA are each presenting during different sessions at Virtually Live, giving you a look into the numbers behind changing consumer need states and brand reactions during the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as insight into purchasing habits around CBD and THC-infused food and beverage products.

Education: Virtually Live is a chance to develop the skills and knowledge base that can help your brand excel. To serve that purpose, we’re bringing you a heavy taste of the Natural Products Consulting Institute’s program capabilities with a two-session dive into Trade Spend run by Bob Burke (Natural Products Consulting Group) and John Maggiore (Maggiore Sales & Marketing), as well as sessions on Angel Investment (Liv Foods’ Wade Brooks), Crisis Communications (with PR Pro Sabina Gault), Brand Design (The GRO Agency) and Operations (JPG Group).

Innovation: Explore breakout categories like hard kombucha, ready-to-drink cocktails, and cannabis-infused food and beverage during panels and data dives throughout both days — and supplement that knowledge with a workshop from one of the ingredient suppliers sharing ideas and methods. Also look at the path to market and point of sale with panels on the new face of On-Premise accounts and innovations in direct-to-consumer sales.

Or mix it up. Remember, there’s no wrong way to do it — except to not be there. So subscribe to BevNET and NOSH and claim your registration.