SUMMER 2020 | JUNE 23 +24
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BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live — Two Days, 30-plus Talks and Panels

With more than 30 sessions over two days, BevNET and NOSH’s Virtually Live event will take over your computer on June 23 and 24 — and serve as a learning and insights platform for much longer.

Focusing on both inspiration and evolution for an industry that has been an ongoing character in the saga that is the COVID-19 pandemic, the event, which is free to BevNET and NOSH subscribers, will deliver main-stage content encompassing both the most important current issues as well as ideas around best practices that can help company leaders for years to come.

We’ve posted our extensive agenda today! Here are some highlights from the six main stage sessions (everyone attends) and the five breakout blocks (pick what you want):

The event will begin with a panel exploring the experiences of Black food and beverage entrepreneurs in the food and beverage business in an attempt to understand areas of unequal opportunity and to start to discover solutions. Panels and speakers will continue to draw lessons from the pressure cooker that is 2020, discussing brand and retail leadership during crises, as well as ways of extending company cultures across decentralized offices, while also assessing brand-building and sales execution shifts that have become irreversible as a result of new consumer and customer purchasing patterns.

After each main stage session, attendees will have their choice: attend one of five — or more — thoughtful, interactive breakouts: (We aren’t naming them all here! They’re on the agenda!) including discussions on building direct-to-consumer sales and marketing strategies, data-driven assessments on consumer and category changes, workshops on branding and Instagram photography, and an education track that helps new entrepreneurs learn the basics of fundraising, trade spend, crisis communications and more. Even better: you won’t miss out by making your choice to attend one session over another, as all sessions will be recorded for later viewing by registered attendees.

It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten together, in person or virtually, and we’ve been desperate to share the kind of discussions that can help entrepreneurs build great companies and products. At Virtually Live, we’re all finally getting the chance to come together and inspire each other, while evolving our capabilities to handle the next set of challenges.

Speaking of coming together, our virtual platform contains a special networking lounge, open throughout both days, as well as an opportunity to check out sponsor displays, supplier workshops, and after-hours events that will complete the connection.

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Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Our sponsors have the opportunity to educate, network and meet potential new clients. Contact our sales team to learn more.