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Review: Rockstar Pure Zero Punched

Posted by Staff at 10:28 AM on July 02, 2013

Review: Rockstar Pure Zero Punched

Rockstar Energy recently extended its already huge portfolio of drinks with Rockstar Pure Zero. In our review of the “Punched” variety, we think that the company has done well to stay true to its image and branding while creating a very enjoyable tasting product.

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Fleishman, Chief Marketing Officer, Leaves Sambazon

Posted by Jeffrey Klineman at 6:15 PM on July 01, 2013

Fleishman, Chief Marketing Officer, Leaves Sambazon

Greg Fleishman, the veteran marketing hand brought on to help broaden the company’s consumer base, has left the company after a three-year run. Sambazon CEO Ryan Black confirmed Fleishman’s departure, saying that the separation was amicable and that the brand – which sells products largely based on the Amazonian Acai berry – is on a positive growth trajectory.

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Clean Up Your Label: Acerola, an all natural source for vitamin C
Acerola has a distinctive, tart flavor, blending well with other juices such as mango, banana, papaya, and coconut water. It is common in ethnic neighborhoods in the US, and is a favorite throughout the Caribbean and Brazil where it is the breakfast juice of choice. 65 brix clarified acerola is widely used in Europe and Japan as a natural replacement for citric acid, making it a necessity to a “clean label”. Acerola can be used in many products including juices, sodas, teas, jello, fruit preserves, yogurts, candies, bakery items and vitamin tablets.
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