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Review: Arty Artichoke Water

Arty Artichoke Water is a unique beverage that is made with artichokes, pandanus leaf, spearmint, blue agave, and monk fruit. The obvious question about this product is whether or not it tastes like artichokes… so does it?

KarmaCap Licensed by Sports Nutrition Co.

The KarmaCap will be used to deliver ProSupps “Mr. Hyde” pre-workout powder — one largely consisting of creatine, caffeine, and all manner of potent compounds used to make oneself look like the “after” picture in the old Charles Atlas comic book ads — in a single-serve dose.

Review: StudyAid

Study Aid is a non-carbonated dietary supplement marketed to students as a way to help promote mental awareness. Given its narrow focus, it’s hard to imagine there being a big consumer base that’s going to give up whatever they’re currently consuming (i.e. energy drinks, coffee) for this product.

Review: Sugarcane Island Raw Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Island Juice Company has launched a line of “raw sugarcane juices,” with the beverages’ primary ingredient being — you guessed it — sugarcane juice. Coming in four cold-pressed, HPP varieties, the line promotes sugarcane as an “ancient food, cultivated for over 3000 years and used by many local cultures worldwide as medicine.” How that messaging works in a society being told to consume less sugar, well, we just don’t know…

Review: REBBL Super Herbs

REBBL recently unveiled a new line of “herbal elixirs” that it calls REBBL Super Herbs. Infused with a variety of exotic ingredients and herbs, the line, which is promoted as “adaptogen powered,” comes in three varieties: Maca Mocha, Reishi Chocolate and Ashwagandha Chai. Unfortunately, there are some significant issues with the formulation of the drinks, and the company’s execution of the labels will make it difficult for consumers to understand what the brand is selling.


The “LMN” variety of WTRMLN WTR is a blend of cold-pressed lemonade and the company’s base of watermelon flesh and rind. Having only three ingredients makes for some very clean flavor, with what ultimately amounts to a watermelon lemonade flavor.

Review: Suja Elements Cold Brew Tea

Earlier this month, Suja launched a line of cold-brewed, organic and “cold-pressured” (aka HPP) teas. The teas are also certified biodynamic. It’s hard to really determine how much this product benefits from being HPP versus pasteurized, but we definitely like the concept of a cold brew tea as part of the Suja line.