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Review: Captains Neck & Co.

Based in Southhampton, N.Y, Captains Neck & Co. markets a line of craft sodas that are formulated with natural ingredients and sweetened with sugar and stevia. The drinks come in two varieties: Citrus Mint and Grape & Ginger, each containing 40 calories per 12 oz. bottle. Though demand for premium soda options appears to be on the rise, Captain's Neck might require a few packaging updates to gain wider appeal.

BevNET Live: Dr. Jay Udani to Share Intelligence from the Regulatory Battlefield

Dr. Udani, the founder and CEO of Medicus Research, will be speaking to the main BevNET Live audience as a correspondent from the trenches of the regulatory battlefield to discuss best practices for a beverage industry that is becoming increasingly engaged in the same conflicts and discussions with the agencies that govern supplements and drugs.

Review: CideRoad Organic Switchel

Made with a USDA Organic blend of water, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, cane syrup and ginger juice/puree, CideRoad’s switchel starts out with a pretty traditional formulation. It’s definitely not as strong as some of the other brands that we’ve sampled, but it does feel as though it’s something that’s geared towards the mainstream.

Review: BluePrint’s New Seasonal Variety

BluePrint’s attempt at a seasonal flavor is this product, which is a blend of everything that you’ll find in the flavor name: orange juice, organic cranberry juice, organic apple juice, organic agave, organic ginger and organic cinnamon. Rather than being spicy, we’d describe the flavor as having a “holiday spice” that’s similar to what you’d find in homemade cranberry sauce. However, we’d like the product to be a bit less sweet than it currently is (it has 59g of sugar per bottle).

Review: Up Mountain Switchel

Up Mountain Switchel is another rendition of the classic beverage that is the product’s namesake. It blends water, Vermont maple syrup, raw organic apple cider and fresh ginger root into a product that is loaded with flavor. On the outside, it’s hard to miss the 16 oz. mason jar that the company has chosen. Rather than make it look fancy with a custom cap or custom bottle, it seems intentional that it looks like a stock mason jar.

Can Kombucha Go Mainstream?

It may be hard to imagine how, just a few short years ago, even to an informed readership like BevNET’s, kombucha was just a curiosity. And while it would be premature to deem kombucha as a mainstream beverage, things are changing.

Channel Check: Ready-to-Drink Coffee

Among the new and intrepid, Coco Cafe is the tallest of the small, while Illy is showing positive growth and also indexing in the refrigerated section with another $3 million or so not included here. Still, it’s a long way to the top.

NACS Video: Here’s Why Sparkling Ice Launched Tea

Even with the presence of major players like Lipton, Nestle, AriZona, and Coke in the category, Talking Rain CEO Kevin Klock said, there was an opportunity to bring in a new, single-serve brand that could add to the company's volume. "We're between categories," Klock told BevNET during a videotaped interview on the floor of NACS. "That's where the white space is."