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Bai’s Take on the ‘Arnold Palmer’

On Monday, Bai announced the release of Tanzania Lemonade Tea, the company’s tenth flavor. The product is Bai’s version of the “Arnold Palmer” or the “Half & Half,” depending on your vernacular, packs five calories and is sweetened with stevia and erythritol like the rest of the brand’s varieties.

Review: True Solution

True Solution’s chocolate-flavored nutrition shake is a soy- and dairy-free protein drink made with 17g of protein from pea protein concentrate. It’s very drinkable compared to other pea protein products that we’ve sampled. Yet while the packaging certainly conveys what the product is, the brand feels very underdeveloped.

Kalil Bottling: Once Smart, Now Eternal

Eternal Beverages, a premium water manufacturer, announced Thursday that it has reached a distribution agreement with Tempe, Ariz.-based Kalil Bottling Company, according to a release. Kalil recently sold its ownership of Glacéau’s Smartwater back to Coca-Cola, leaving a void for another premium water.

Review: True Organic Juices

True Organic is a new brand of pasteurized juice smoothies launched by California-based Grimmway Farms. Available in seven varieties, the juices are USDA Certified Organic and feature branding and messaging that is definitely well-designed and thought out. However, the technical execution of the packaging, which uses a full wrap clear label, leaves something to be desired.

BevNET Live: Honest’s Goldman and Nalebuff on Partnership

Goldman and Nalebuff will provide a special highlight during BevNET Live in Manhattan, speaking on the best practices for building and maintaining a partnership as entrepreneurs. The pair have been an open case study in partnership, exploring that idea, along with company leadership, structure, culture and tone in their business dealings and now in print.

BevNET Live: Defying Financial Detours

Detours and ramifications don’t have to mean the end to the enterprise; however, they do mean that options must be evaluated. hat’s why BevNET is featuring a set of case studies involving the Bricktown Group and General Capital Partners as part of BevNET Live in Manhattan.

Review: Sweet Leaf Coffee-Tea Blend

Mixing tea and coffee is something that we’ve admittedly never tried (or wanted to try, for that matter). But that’s exactly what Sweet Leaf has done with this new line of beverages, which currently comes in Original and Vanilla varieties.

Review: Revive Solar Kombucha

We’ve been fans of Revive Kombucha since first sampling its products, and the company’s latest effort, “Solar,” is no exception. Made with an organic yerba mate kombucha, cold-pressed ginger and lemon juices, and almond and vanilla extract, it tastes like yerba mate mixed with lemon lime soda and ginger ale — the taste is quite good. However, we’re a little confused by the name “Solar.”