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Virtually Live Agenda Posted: Micro Influencers, Wellness, Post-COVID Strategy

We’ve posted the agenda for next week’s BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live event, and we’ve added a brand new panel to influence you to attend.

With so much focus on influencers these days, we’ll be hosting a panel addressing the best ways to exploit emerging social media channels. To do it we’ll be speaking with a pair of top experts, Courtney Merfeld, the Senior Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Thrive Market, and Shannon Race, the Director of Brand Awareness and Engagement at CAVU Venture Partners.

The panel will go live on Wednesday, June 23 as one of the six talks that will form the informational backbone of BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live. Additional discussions on the agenda dive into touch innovation and revenue together, the upscaling of wellness, what to expect post-COVID, changing markets and consumer behavior, and telling the story of an entrepreneur’s evolution.

As for how we all get to connect – that will take place right after the last talk of the day.

In keeping with BevNET and NOSH Live’s long-held tradition of a flat hierarchy between speakers and attendees, we’ve invited the presenters to join us at the end of each day. So starting around 4:40pm on Tuesday, panelists Ibraheem Basir of A Dozen Cousins and David Lester of Olipop will wander into the “virtual crowd” for mingling. On Wednesday, it will be La Colombe CEO and Founder Todd Carmichael. On both days, the BevNET team will also be on hand to facilitate discussion, ask questions, and encourage connection. We’re excited to be able to arm you with the knowledge, connections, and strategies you need to make the second half of the year as successful as possible.

View the agenda.

We can’t wait to see you! But remember — only BevNET and NOSH Insiders can attend. Make sure you’re subscribed and then register to access the virtual venue next week.

About Virtually Live

Gathering within a unique virtual event environment, BevNET and NOSH’s Virtually Live will welcome attendees to an event filled with refreshing opportunities to interact, learn, and partner with colleagues who are both familiar and new. The two-day virtual event will take place on Tuesday, June 22nd and Wednesday, June 23rd and feature live panel discussions, strategic presentations and interactive Q&A networking.