BevNET Live: VEB’s Insights from Illy Issimo

BevNET Live continues to take attendees deep into the thoughts and actions of the Coca-Cola Co.’s Venturing and Emerging Brands (VEB) Group.

This time, the upcoming event will feature a June 5 presentation from VEB on the organizational strategy behind the growth of Illy Issimo, a brand developed in partnership with Illycaffe, an international coffee company based in Trieste, Italy.

Illy Issimo Brand Manager Tom Larsen will present an analysis of the  key decision points that have accompanied VEB’s attempts to incubate this brand, detailing insights usable for individual entrepreneurs as they attempt to move into broader distribution while holding tight to brand identity.  His discussion will offer advice on selling into the Coke distribution system and a look at the metrics that entrepreneurs can use to determine the success of their brand.

Seats for BevNET Live are sold out but additional space may be offered to registrants off the wait list.