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Supercharge: Sales & Operations: King Arthur Baking, Whole Brain Consulting, Rodeo CPG to Speak

Supercharge: Sales & Operations will help entrepreneurial food and beverage companies learn the common language and areas where sales and operations intersect, outlining strategies where teams can build for success rather than undermine process. The virtual event will take place on March 16 and 17.

Content presentations will include a case study discussion centering on the interaction of sales and operations teams at King Arthur Baking Company, which experience massive demand spikes for flour and other baking ingredients in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth of opportunity coincided with a planned name change for the company, creating hard-to-navigate manufacturing challenges. The company’s VP of Sales, Tony Bass, and VP of Operations, Janis Abbingsole, will join BevNET Editor-in-Chief Jeff Klineman to talk through the way they led their departments through this crisis of opportunity, all while balancing COVID-19 induced limitations on manufacturing.

Other presenters will include Rodeo CPG CEO and Founder Zach DeAngelo and Will Madden, co-founder of Whole Brain Consulting.

DeAngelo — who has also started and led other CPG brands –will take attendees through the factors that play into forecasting for both sales and operations teams — explaining the ways that historical order patterns, market trends and consumer behavior can help generate a focused dialogue on goals for a company. He will discuss ways that forecasting has changed as D2C has developed, some of the places where forecasting can create financial issues for companies, issues that affect accurate forecasting, and the best practices for thinking about forecasting models for entrepreneurial brands, which are often subject to wild swings in growth.

Madden, whose company is in high demand from brands and investors alike, will focus on the investment side of operations and how that can affect companies’ ability to raise money or execute other financial deals. A frequent visitor to plants and boardrooms, Madden will speak on the ways that operations — and their intersection with potential sales growth — are part of a due diligence process, one that can be replicated by entrepreneurs to protect their own investments and insure successful transactions down the road. Madden will discuss the process of scrutinizing plans and equipment to determine whether deals are worth the cost — and how founders can structure their own examinations to lead to improved cost structures.

We’re excited to have you join us next month at Supercharge: Sales & Operations. The two-day event will feature the above presentations on March 16 and networking opportunities, both small group discussions and 1:1 Speed Dating, on March 17. Registration is included for BevNET & NOSH subscribers. For non-subscribers, you can purchase a subscription for $49 per month or an event-only ticket for $275.

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About Supercharge

Supercharge is a virtual event series designed to provide actionable takeaways for the founders, key employees, and associates of entrepreneurial food and beverage businesses. Each two-day event dives into topics critical to growth within the industry, and creates networking opportunities between experts and brands to spark partnerships beyond the virtual platform.