SUMMER 2019 | JUNE 12+13 | NEW YORK, NY
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BevNET Live 2013 Summer Expo

BevNET Expo Facts

  • mid-event expo held for 2 hours on day 1 of the two day event
    • 2013 Expo dates are: June 4th and December 9th
  • Exhibits range in size from 10×10 to smaller table-top displays.
  • Typically 30-40 exhibitors
  • 500+ attendees, including beverage companies, distributors, investors, and suppliers
  • no concurrent programming
  • $3,250 per exhibit, $750 per exhibitor attendee (electricity available for $100)
  • table provided, though not required
  • free-standing signage is permitted

Typical exhibitors are companies offering products and services to beverage companies. Beverage companies also take advantage of the Expo as a place to pour samples of their drink to the BevNET audience.

Photos from the June 2012 Expo

Whether sampling a beverage or just handing out promotional literature, a table top display is a great way to create visibility for your company and give you a physical platform from which to showcase your company’s offerings.

Space is limited. Potential exhibitors should contact John McKenna (617-231-8825) as soon as possible to learn more about this unique opportunity.