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Make Marketing Mighty during Supercharge: Marketing & Branding April 20 @ 3 P.M. ET


Marketers talk about the “consumer journey.” During Supercharge: Marketing & Branding, our experts are going to show attendees how to make that journey first-class.

On Tuesday, April 20, a group of five marketing experts will sit down with the editors of BevNET and NOSH to talk about the way 2020 and 2021 have affected their disciplines and offer invaluable advice on ways that entrepreneurs can evaluate and adapt their marketing approaches. In just two hours of content and conversation, founders should understand tools and techniques that will help them guide their marketing programs into the post-pandemic era.

This Supercharge event will feature three distinct pieces of content, followed by an open Q & A and networking period with speakers and your fellow attendees hosted on the event site.

First, Yasso CMO Andy Judd will share strategies for building marketing programs that hit consumers from discovery through purchase, while also offering advice on getting buy-in from another important set of constituents: your co-workers. The discussion will center on the marketing funnel and ways that the whole business can understand and energize its approach to marketing.

Next, a panel of CMOs will take founders through the process of brand renovation as a method to dig out product weaknesses and focus on strength. More than just sending your labels out to an agency, a brand renovation strips products down to their core consumers and rebuilds them around their true purpose. Whether it’s a way to help a brand take its next step toward growth, a way of bringing life back to dated set of products, or a method for taking companies toward a final exit, our panel of CMOs will show entrepreneurs how to find the best bones of their brands and help make them the best positioned products on the shelf. With Deb Holt, CMO of Real Food from the Ground Up, Vilma Livas, CMO of Nature’s Bakery, and Jason Harty, CMO/GM Consumer Direct of Theo Chocolate.

Finally, we find out how to get sips to lips and tidbits to tongues during a pandemic. Entrepreneurs will learn what’s changing — and what isn’t — when it comes to Field and Experiential marketing programs as we all start to consider the return of traditional consumer shopping patterns. We’ll look at the challenges and innovations that are taking place around these highly important and still-recovering disciplines with Mari Lee, VP of Beverage Marketing at Nutrabolt.

After the last presentation, stick around on the Supercharge event platform as we open it up to meet with the speakers and hosts; ask your own questions, greet your fellow entrepreneurs, describe your own experiences and challenges. It’s virtual, it’s real, it’s Supercharged.

We’re excited to have you join us next week at Supercharge: Marketing & Branding. Registration is included for BevNET & NOSH subscribers. For non-subscribers, you can purchase a subscription for $49 per month or an event-only ticket for $275.

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About Supercharge

Supercharge is a virtual event series designed to provide actionable takeaways for operators of food and beverage businesses. Each three hour event dives into topics critical to growth within the industry, and creates networking opportunities between experts and brands to spark partnerships beyond the virtual platform.