Best Non Carbonated Beverage

Bombilla Gourd

Winner: Bombilla Gourd
While being out on the edge has traditionally been a highly regarded attribute by the Best of BevNET team, it’s also always good to have a road back. The gang at Bombilla & Gourd has paved one for its line of RTD Yerba Mate drinks by calling them teas, putting them in packages reminiscent of a Whole Foods store brand bottle and combining them with traditionally accessible tea and fruit flavors like lemon, mint and honey and blueberry. By taking a less orthodox approach to a cutting-edge product, Bombilla & Gourd has brewed up a winner. Other strong non-carbonated products also came in the form of a pair of pomegranate RTD teas, Sweet Leaf’s Pomegranate Green and Honest Tea’s Pomegranate White, as well as Adina Beverages’ richly flavored RTD coffee and chai products.

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