Best Energy Drink or Shot

Tie - Steaz and Syzmo

Winners: Steaz and Syzmo
These two organic products used exciting, next-generation formulations to put them at the front of the energy drink innovation pack.

Steaz' mix of green tea, yerba mate, and acai proved that energy doesn't have to come from the equivalent of a no-doz tablet, while its lime and orange flavors were terrific extensions of the requisite berry-flavored workhorse. Syzmo, meanwhile, complemented its product's original agave syrup-sweetened recipe with cutting-edge Passionfruit and Prickly Pear flavors, a solid can design and a terrific taste. These two brands stood out in a field that was, unfortunately, adulterated by knockoffs of market leaders' products. Nevertheless, we also found potential in a few other entries, as well: Glaceau's Vitaminenergy was a logical – and tasty -- next step for that fast-growing imprint, while Java Monster underscored the clever work that the folks at Hansen's are doing to extend energy to different dayparts and consumer groups via hybrid products.

Steaz Energy web site

Syzmo web site