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Guayaki Lemon Elation

Guayaki’s Lemon Elation was not only the company’s first product to be packaged in aluminum, but it was also the first ready-to-drink yerba mate to go into this format. And it’s a knockout hit. While moving to a can isn’t by itself reason for an award, it’s a heck of a can. The design is complex, but not visually overwhelming and far from cluttered: two adjectives which, sadly, can be ascribed to a large number of products in the RTD tea cooler. There’s an obvious attention to the information hierarchy on the can, with each element properly sized and placed so that the consumer can easily understand the product. With Guayaki’s commitment to sustainability, they claim a vast number of certifications (USDA Organic, Fair Trade certified, Certified B Corporation, CCOF, Kosher, Fair for Life) each of which has a logo of its own to display. Guayaki incorporated each nicely, with the most well known logos subtly displayed on the front of the packaging. The illustrated graphics are a bold and fresh look for RTD teas. The can commands the attention of passers by and could easily attract a new set of consumers to yerbe mate.