Best Marketing Campaign

"World of Red Bull"

On the surface, there’s not all that much to Red Bull’s “World of Red Bull” commercials. After all, it’s widely known that the company sponsors countless extreme athletes and action sports events. Each 30 second spot consists of a clip of a Red Bull sponsored athlete doing what they – motorcycle jumping, surfing, break dancing – followed by a brief statement: “Welcome to my world. The world of Red Bull.” But very few brands have such an iconic status to the point where a marketing campaign can be successful with absolutely no “selling” of the product itself. Yet the connection to the Red Bull is logical if not obvious. It’s something that the big boys, such as Coca-Cola and their “Coke Side of Life” campaign, struggle to create, and even more so in a medium (TV commercials) that is being increasingly pushed into the margins. No corny jingles. No clips of people sipping the product and being happy. No A-list celebrity endorsements. And hardly any words. With that, Red Bull’s campaign has done it in a big way, showing the brand’s muscle using eye catching, culturally relevant, and awe-inspiring clips of the rule-defying lifestyle that seeks to emblemize.