Product of the Year

Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh is the winner of BevNET’s 2012 Product of the Year award. In a year that saw significant strides toward mainstream adoption of high-pressured processed (HPP) beverages. Evolution’s decision to begin using HPP resulted in dramatic leaps in the functionality and flavor of the super-premium juice line. It was a courageous - albeit very risky - decision that forced the beverage industry to take notice of the benefits of HPP, and one that attracted the attention of Starbucks, which after seeing the rapid rise and potential of the brand, acquired Evolution late last year. Now armed with a brand name that screams the phrase “line extension,” and the vast marketing and financial resources of Starbucks, Evolution is well-positioned to head into 2013 with a mandate for growth and expansion.Congratulations to Evolution Fresh, BevNET’s Product of Year for 2012.