Product of the Year

Harmless Harvest

The thing about Harmless Harvest is that the brand proposition has served as a template for other brands, even as it has continued to execute behind its high-quality products. The company continues to feel the lift from its group of true believers -- but the overall influence they have had in proving out the viability of high pressure processing has had a massive echo effect, helping carry the industry forward, while it has also shown many companies that building a brand in Whole Foods and complementary incubation channels can be a success unto itself.

On the quality front, Harmless Harvest has managed to add a premium layer to a product that had already established itself at a premium price. The taste, branding, and mission have created a viable brand out of something that initially surfaced as an experimental exercise in idealism. With new offshoots in tea and chocolate, innovation continues to roll out of the company, but it’s actually a focus on the core brand that has raised the bar for the industry from a product and purpose point of view.