Brand of the Year

Califia Farms

Califia Farms stepped into the fray from many different directions this year, with a product suite that engaged consumers across the store, creating a brand with the personality of a new friend whom you’ve nevertheless known for years.

From almond milk to juice to cold-brewed coffee, this brand gets its energy from changing trends in dairy and changing value states to present something that slides easily into the lives of consumers, with attention-getting packaging that does the trick of engaging them right away while making what might have seemed a bit edgy feel normal through great taste and visuals.

The fact that this company is an agriculturally-based, vertically integrated enterprise coming straight from the fields of California means an unapologetic approach to branding that is in sync with the changing American diet. From single-serve RTDs to smoothie and coffee ingredients, the company is operating like a dairy farm with trees, a next generation Ocean Spray or Sunkist. By bridging the gap between social mission, flavor, function, and agriculture, Califia Farms is the brand of the year.