Best Enhanced Water


Bulletproof’s FATwater is a low-calorie beverage that takes one of the brand's foundational ingredients, XCT Oil, and uses it in a ready-to-drink form. The name FATwater is something that is eye-catching and is definitely a conversation starter. It bucks the trend of food and beverage brands that are trying to sell you on fat-free or low-fat products: this one is proud to feature fat (2g per bottle) as part of the formulation. Packaging is a 16 oz. bottle that has a simple looking white label. There’s no mention of Bulletproof on the front panel, but the label is straightforward and consistent with the copy on their other products. And again, we feel as though the name itself is going to catch attention. All in all, this is a product that thrives in its ability to deliver something that’s simple and familiar, but true to Bulletproof’s platform. It's definitely a product to watch.