Best Non-Carbonated Beverage


There’s clearly a big market for dairy alternatives, but there has been a growing gap in the subset of high pressure processed (HPP) varieties as many of the established brands have been eschewing low-acid nut milks from their lineups. With MALK, we have a brand that’s entirely focused on HPP nut milks and has done so with clever, well-designed branding that, with its opaque 12 oz. bottle, offers a nice twist on a familiar package. As for the liquid, MALK offers a variety of nut milks, including almond, pecan, and cashew, which offers consumers the staples they know as well as some more exotic varieties (along with flavors… maple, cold-brew coffee, vanilla). It’s a well-executed mix of a really nice package, great tasting liquid, and playing in some white space that’s nestled between some on-trend and rapidly growing categories.