Brand of the Year

La Croix

LaCroix is about as far from an overnight success as anything we’ve ever recognized as brand of the year, but its romance with consumers doesn’t seem to be letting up at all. The selection recognizes both the long climb the brand has made over the past decade and the people who brought it there. But it’s also to point out how well the brand has sustained momentum with a public that seems to regularly shift between trends. In fact, we say it’s time to admit that LaCroix is the brand that lit the fuse for the unsweetened, flavored sparkling water explosion. Its combination of flavor, cool design, consumer outreach, and simple accessibility – that most underrated of attributes -- is what has turned it into the leader of the pack. The fact that other companies spend so much time chasing LaCroix, paying it the compliment of imitation while not quite matching its winning formula, shows just how powerfully influential it has become -- and should help us all to recognize how much it deserves to be our brand of the year.