Rising Star


Oats have emerged as a relatively late comer to the plant-based alt-milk landscape, but Sweden-based brand Oatly has seized the opportunity to become a leader in this emerging sub-category. Why? Besides callouts for sustainability and dairy free, Oatly has positioned itself to win by delivering a drinking experience that can match -- or ideally, replace -- dairy milk in a variety of use occasions, from a post-workout nutritional boost to a rich and luxurious non-dairy coffee creamer, as evidenced by Oatly's success as a tool for baristas working behind the espresso bar. What's more, the brand has embraced a quirky, engaging personality that can reach a broad range of consumers and build the customer base for the plant-based category as a whole. If further indication of its momentum was needed, late this year Oatly invested in a new 19,000 sq. ft. production facility that will help it meet increasing demand and explore new innovations. We may have been skeptical a few years ago, but thanks to Oatly, we are expecting big things from oats in the future.